November 27, 2010

VIENNA: Berggasse 19 & the surrounding

After driving through Spain we were disappointed to leave, but excited to arrive in Vienna. Vienna is a city full of history, beauty and of course tourists. My number one must see was the Freud Museum and it lived up to my very high expectations. After he was forced to flee Vienna his belongings were transported to his London residence, so this museum was more about his life. Letters, books, photos and some belongings (e.g. his hat and cane) were on display. I did feel quite sad when reading through the documentation, he faced many aversions through out his life.
Being a big old dag we also visited the Cafe Landtmann coffee house, as this was supposed to be Freud's favourite cafe(the second photo). I would not be going back to this place in a hurry but it is sometimes nice to be sentimental.  On this day we also visited the vienna markets (I found some glass buttons from the 50's so I can't wait to create a garment from those beauties) and the many colourful gardens.

I recently decided that I might want to jump on the polaroid band wagon, so we hired a polaroid camera from the impossible shop. I am so very glad that we hired it first as we were really disappointed with the results. The film is very expensive and the colours were very flat. But it was fun to use it and good on the guys responsible for the impossible project. These are the passionate people who are trying to keep the world of instant photography alive. 

The top: I made this pattern years ago and it was my first, so I thought that I would revisit it in Berlin. I bought the fabric when I first came here. This was when I didn't know where to find reasonably priced fabric (so many of the shops are very expensive). I like the collar of the garment and the open back. Though it was SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO cold. So perhaps this was not my favourite photo taking session. Jacket on, jacket off, jacket on, jacket off...... and lots of strange looks from the other tourists. I have only recently discovered shorts with tights. I can wear all of my colourful tights! Yes I am a little obsessed with tights. I made these shorts a while back for my red kimono top. Previously blogged here.


  1. This is one of my favourites! The top is really nice. Beautiful photos. Didn't I get you those tights for Christmas last year????

  2. Lovely photos! That top is adorable. :)

  3. Great top! Can't believe you can still wear it at this time of year!

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  7. wow, nice pics, vienna is our home town so nice to see it featured on a blog!

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