November 11, 2010

SPAIN! mountains: Picos De Europa

Early in October we travelled to Spain for a whirl wind tour, driving from the top (starting in Bilbao) to the bottom (ending in Jerez de la Frontera) in 7 days. I carted around a number of outfits in my suitcase and took photos of them on our travels. 

The first set of photos were taken in the mountains: Picos De Europa. This was our favourite location on the trip. The mountains were beautiful and the people were warm and kind. The language barrier was not such an issue in these towns as people were very understanding. We fumbled through situations with our limited Spanish and they fumbled about with their English. So most of the time the conversations ended with everyone laughing. Numerous experiences included: finding abandoned villages; we were on high alert ready to drop to the ground when we saw hunters very close to us hunting wild pigs; hiking through the mountains; visiting tiny villages and larger ones (Potes); we found one quirky English man with a pub in a tiny town.... you got to love the quirky one's: and just taking in the scenery. 

OK so to the dress. I made this dress last year when I was living in Hamburg. I had just bought my Europe sewing machine and some material off an American girl on Campus Hamburg. I made the dress to wear at Michael's sisters wedding, but decided that I didn't like it enough to wear to such an important event. I decided to cut up a doily and sew pieces of it onto the dress. It turned out OK, but it is definitely not one of my favourite dresses. This pattern is from vogue.      

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. great pictures !!

  2. Oh gosh! those pictures are so beautiful! also, the dress is perfect!

    see you!

  3. the dress and the photos are unreal, amazing guys!

  4. Your photos are really inspirational!
    I even had to go back several posts
    because your blog is really amazing.
    I hope you can check my blog out also
    and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did yours :)

    Kendra x

  5. great photoshoot. very beautiful.


  6. Wow, that dress is sooo beautiful!
    I love the simplicity in the details!
    Enter my giveaway!

  7. You have the best travel/outfit photos I've ever seen. And what a beautiful thing you guys did, traveeling through Spain and carefully preparing outfits for each scene.

    I think what really love is the balance between you and the scenery.

  8. Personally I love the cut of the dress... what vogue pattern number was it?