November 14, 2010

Check IT!

YAY! We were chosen as the Member Project of the Week on Burdastyle!  Very exciting stuff. I have been a member of Burdastyle for a few years now and I have continued to post my sewing conquests including this Alexander McQueen jacket! Here you can find my Burdastyle studio


  1. Beautiful! Congrats on being featured! I looked at this pattern and it seems very challenging. Was it very difficult to make?

  2. Thanks! Yes I think that it was one of the most challenging garments that I have made. But I learnt a lot from the pattern, as it was quite complicated. Give it a crack!

  3. I love the jacket and would really like to have a go at it myself. I haven't been able to find any where in the instructions details of the types of fabric that would be suitable or the meterage. Also the sizing on the garment. Can you help me with this?

  4. I think that this fabric was some kind of a blend. You could use a cotton or a weave with no stretch. Noting too thick, though nothing too light. From memory I probably had 2 metres of fabric, leaving leftovers if you make a mistake. It is a challenging jacket and I found the instructions a little difficult. But it was a rewarding challenge.

    Here you can find some answers to Burdastyle members about the jacket

    Good luck and if I have not answered your question or you have other questions, let me know:)