November 15, 2010

SPAIN: I feel like a superhero!

These are the second set of photos that we took whilst touring through Spain. Having a car meant that we could visit some more 'off the beaten track' locations. On this occasion we stopped off at Consuegra. This town has restored several windmills which now  surround the castle. It also has a link to Don Quixote as the famous novel makes reference to these windmills. Two thumbs up to the little lady sitting alone in the dungeon like castle collecting the 2 euro entry fee. I enjoy seeing people who are proud of their heritage and love to show it off. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and we were excited to be walking through the castle taking photos. I think we got a little too excited. Hence the double exposed frame. Lack of concentration + manual film medium format camera = a possibility of forgetting to wind the film on. Oops! Oh well you win some and you lose others.... like 2 good photos.

The outfit: For some reason this outfit just popped into my head a few days before leaving for Spain. I had a vision of what the Spain country side would look like and I wanted to make an outfit to match. I screen printed a large white circle onto one of my black t-shirts then I made a little skirt with two prominent colours. I really like how it worked out, I think all of the shapes compliment each other....even if I did sit up late the night before flying to Spain sewing away trying to finish it in time.  

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. I like this photos, visit me, and follow, if you like :) ??

  2. the late night - it was well worth it. My personal favorite is the 3rd and 5th photo.

    there's just something about them - the way its been captured.

  3. amazing photos! What material is this skirt made of? I love the colours.

  4. Thanks so much=]
    I definitely need to bite the bullet.

    Love the look!! Really cute.

    Follow each other??