June 08, 2015

Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty + my McQueen Jacket

A few weekends back my husband and I traveled to London as our Photography gallery (Galerie Pavlova) was taking part in Photo London. Even though we were working most of the time, I was dead keen on sneaking out to visit the Alexander McQueen exhibition Savage Beauty at the V&A. I had heard that tickets had sold out, but found some articles on the net stating that if you went early enough, there were 200 tickets available each morning. So off I went on a McQueen mission, hoping that I would be lucky enough to score a ticket. After about 45 minutes standing in line, I ended up getting through! Woo hoo!

Image from idolmag

Image from idolmag

This exhibition was the best exhibition that I have seen. Yes, quite a grandiose statement, but really I just loved every moment. It was an emotionally charged experience and engaged every sense. Each room presented different collections with one massive room in the middle. Everyone stood in awe in the room, looking at each piece of creativity. It was also interesting to read about the inspiration behind some of the pieces. He was just such a creative person who could explore various ideas and concepts. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it:) If you are in London, make sure you visit this exhibition. It is a MUST!

Below is a short video which gives a taster of what to expect.

Video from Adorngirl

My McQueen jacket
Speaking of Alexander McQueen, in 2009 I made this McQueen pattern for my sisters 21st birthday. We blogged about it on Fickle Sense a few years back. It was a challenge to sew this complicated design, but I think it worked out pretty well. You can find the pattern on the website Showstudio. It is downloadable here.

Has anyone else given this pattern a go?

If you are interested in learning more about McQueen, I would recommend the documentary "McQueen and I".