February 25, 2015

CUT Magazine & Colour Inspiration

This is my new knitting bag! It took me a while to piece it all together.... it was initially intended to be an 'every day bag', but ended  up being too toiletry like (the sewing pattern is actually for a toiletry bag, but thought I could somehow hide that fact.... obviously I was unsuccessful in this venture). As always, creating the hand stenciled textile was fun! Below I have detailed my process. 

It all began with an image on Pinterest....
A while back I found this image on pinterest and was really inspired by the shapes and colour story on the skirt. So I created this colour scheme (light pink, mustard yellow, black, burgundy red, grey and creams)to select the appropriate colours for my print.

 Here is where you can find this pattern. CUT mag is my favourite sewing mag. It always has 3 trendy sewing patterns and some creative inspiration. The mag is in German, but if you don't speak German and you understand pattern construction, then the pictures are easy enough to follow. I chose the 'Toiletry' pattern for this textile print.

To create this textile you need:

      1. Scalpel
      2. Cutting mat or thick cardboard
      3. Metal ruler 
      4. Textile paint (I use eco permaset paints)
      5. Sponges (I cut up a sponge for each colour)
      6. Woven textile

Cutting out shapes for the textile print
I chose different shapes (rectangles, squares, triangles, circles) and different sizes for certain colours. 

Dollop your paint ready for sponging.  Grab your sponge and apply some paint to the sponge (not too much). Whilst holding the stencil down, dollop the paint onto the fabric.

Now it is time to piece this somewhat complicated pattern together.

I cut the lining and added a quality zipper. And there you have it, a toiletry / knitting bag:)

The bag is large enough to hold all of my knitting needles and crochet hooks, as well as my most recent project. I have just finished a beanie made from baby alpaca yarn, which I will have to post about soon!

All together I actually think this bag is rather ugly... but I kind of like the ugly factor. It reminds me of a 'ninties' like print. I used to have a beach bag which was just as ugly....in the ninties. I like that I experimented with these colours and shapes, and will perhaps use these colours in another way again. As always, I loved the unique CUT sewing pattern and will have to make something from the newest edition. 

February 12, 2015

GIVEAWAY: Spread the Love! with some Compassion

There are many interpretations and traditions involved with Valentine's Day. At the core of the legend it seems that Saint Valentine's performed acts of compassion to those who were forbidden to marry by marrying them. 

In this fast paced world, with the many expectations that we have on ourselves and others,  compassion can take the back seat. I see Valentine's as a reminder to show compassion. I am not saying that we all need to be the Dalai Lama, but there are things that we can do everyday to brighten up our lives as well as others. Being compassionate for example may involve: 
A kind act : the other day whilst at the shops (this store is notoriously filled with many grumpy people) a man found my gloves that I had briefly lost and was asking everyone who had lost their gloves. He made my day!
Give yourself a break and think positively : I gave a presentation at work the other day. I generally ruminate over what I think I should have said... this time I reminded myself to focus on everything that I did right. 

I am sharing the love by giving away 2 of my FS Screen Printing products which really encompass the concept of compassion. Both products are certified Fair Trade and Organic. Which means that the workers and environment are treated with more respect and care. The giveaway includes:  

What do you need to do to enter this compassion filled Giveaway? Share the love!

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The giveaway ends on Friday the 27th of February at 18:00 GMT+1 (Berlin time)
Anyone can enter. The winner will be drawn randomly and notified after this date via their chosen social media.

You can see more Organic and Fair trade bags at FS Screen Printing and Handmade Pajamas at Fickle Sense. 

February 11, 2015

Get inspired! with Historical European Fashion

For Museum Hopping location #3 we ventured to the Kunstgerwebe Museum, Berlin to see the European fashion exhibition. On display were fashions from over 150 years, with approximately 130 different costumes and accessories to gwark over. Yes I was salivating the entire time, much like when I go fabric shopping... but with history lessons included.  

Schiaparelli & the Scarf Dress

Schiaparelli is my all time favourite designer, so I was obviously  extremely excited to see her pieces up close. This black blouse and skirt on the left (above) had some Schiaparelli charm to it with its combination of print and brooches. What an original concept... not until getting up close do you realise that some of these flowers are actually brooches. Love it!

The dress on the right (above) is made from scarves. I have always wanted to make a garment out of scarves, so this was a nice reminder. Unfortunately I forgot to note down the designer who created this particular dress, but I can still appreciate it.

The biggest inspirational dress was.......The Champagne Coloured Evening Gown, Jaques Heim, from Paris 1935

"Jaques Heim (1899-1967) use the possibilities of bias cut to create here a sophisticated play with the blunt bodice and matte reverse of the crepe marocain."

This beautiful bias cut gown was my favourite. The sleeve is so interestingly designed and it hangs beautifully. The sophisticated use of the textile was just AMAZING! I am going to use this inspiration to experiment and practice with bias cut garments. LOVE IT!

Next stop: Museum #4 The Gemäldegalerie, Berlin.

February 04, 2015

Get inspired! Explore! in FEBRUARY

After living in Berlin for a few years, my husband and I embarrassingly realised that we had visited very few of the museums in Berlin. So a year ago we bought a museum pass, enabling us to freely visit each museum. Now a year on,  regrettably we rarely utilised it. So with a month left I am choosing to make up for lost time by visiting every Staatliche (state) museum within the month of Febraury.  Consequently, February is now my month for the collection of inspiration.

Throughout February I will be sharing my museum inspirations and my subsequent fashion related creative output. 

I will be:

  • Visiting each museum
  • Taking photos of items which inspire me
  • Posting a selection of them on this blog
  • Selecting one particular item which could inspire a garment or outfit
  • Creating some of these outfits based on specific inspiration

Here we go!..............

Sunday 1st February Pergamon Museum & Bode Museum

1. Inspiration from the Pergamon Museum

I chose this textured stone wall as my Pergamon inspiration. Perhaps I will use the technique of quilting to achieve similar shapes in a skirt. 

Quilting does seem to be one of the "in things" at the moment. Here are some examples of quilted garments. 
Images from Sonia Rykie, 1800s Long  quilted skirt (MET), Just a Pretty Style

2. Inspiration from the Bode Museum 
Sculpture is not exactly my favourite type of art, especially if it is teamed with religious art. For this reason the Bode museum was not exuding with inspiration for me. But of course there were some nice pieces throughout the collection.  

For the Bode Museum I chose this painting by Giovanni Domenico Ticpolo (1754) with it's pinks, yellows, whites and greys.

Below are some possible fashion ideas
Images from cool chic style fashion, dailylookStylebop
I suppose that I will need to go fabric shopping to find the perfect shades of yellow, pink and grey

Next museum stop is the Kunstgewerbe Museum (Museum of Decorative Arts) which currently exhibits a history of fashion. 


GET INSPIRED! and explore your neighbourhood.

Also to come this month, giveaways, information on mindfulness and more museums exploits!