February 25, 2015

CUT Magazine & Colour Inspiration

This is my new knitting bag! It took me a while to piece it all together.... it was initially intended to be an 'every day bag', but ended  up being too toiletry like (the sewing pattern is actually for a toiletry bag, but thought I could somehow hide that fact.... obviously I was unsuccessful in this venture). As always, creating the hand stenciled textile was fun! Below I have detailed my process. 

It all began with an image on Pinterest....
A while back I found this image on pinterest and was really inspired by the shapes and colour story on the skirt. So I created this colour scheme (light pink, mustard yellow, black, burgundy red, grey and creams)to select the appropriate colours for my print.

 Here is where you can find this pattern. CUT mag is my favourite sewing mag. It always has 3 trendy sewing patterns and some creative inspiration. The mag is in German, but if you don't speak German and you understand pattern construction, then the pictures are easy enough to follow. I chose the 'Toiletry' pattern for this textile print.

To create this textile you need:

      1. Scalpel
      2. Cutting mat or thick cardboard
      3. Metal ruler 
      4. Textile paint (I use eco permaset paints)
      5. Sponges (I cut up a sponge for each colour)
      6. Woven textile

Cutting out shapes for the textile print
I chose different shapes (rectangles, squares, triangles, circles) and different sizes for certain colours. 

Dollop your paint ready for sponging.  Grab your sponge and apply some paint to the sponge (not too much). Whilst holding the stencil down, dollop the paint onto the fabric.

Now it is time to piece this somewhat complicated pattern together.

I cut the lining and added a quality zipper. And there you have it, a toiletry / knitting bag:)

The bag is large enough to hold all of my knitting needles and crochet hooks, as well as my most recent project. I have just finished a beanie made from baby alpaca yarn, which I will have to post about soon!

All together I actually think this bag is rather ugly... but I kind of like the ugly factor. It reminds me of a 'ninties' like print. I used to have a beach bag which was just as ugly....in the ninties. I like that I experimented with these colours and shapes, and will perhaps use these colours in another way again. As always, I loved the unique CUT sewing pattern and will have to make something from the newest edition. 


  1. I think this is so cool! I should subscribe to CUT- they always have such fun patterns- but my German is shabby, so I'm always a little hesitant.

    1. Yeah, it is an interesting pattern. The patterns are great, they have illustrations for every step of the way, so you don't necessarily need to speak German. Give it a go:)

  2. Oh boy, it's so cute! I can't believe all your printing as well! WOW! I would have spent hours putting it together, what concentration you must have!

    xoxo I'm back blogging again and so can't wait to see what you've been up to!

    1. I noticed that you were back in action! Blogging from a different continent (we have that in common now!). Regarding the bag, I think my good spatial awareness skills compensate for my lack of concentration. Looking forward to see more about your new adventures!

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