March 19, 2015

Wedding Dresses to Inspire

About a month ago I spent some time scouring the internet in search of "self (or family/friend) made" wedding dresses in hopes of inspiring others  to take on the challenge too. Here is a sneak preview of the found garments. You can find the whole article on the sustainable fashion blog "i give 2 hoots". Please also let me know if I need to add someone to this list. 

Images from 1. A beautiful Mess  2. Blog Chick a Blog Blog 3. Queen of Darts  4.  Sew Dixie Lou  5.  Corrina Corrina 6. Dress Makers Curve 7. Misha and Mia 8. Molly Sews  9. The Curious Kiwi 10. Wall Street by Day: Hardcore Crafter by night 11. Create / Enjoy 12.Restless Grace 13. Cotton Creek Sewing 14.Fickle Sense 15. ‘So, zo what do you know‘  16. Needle and Cloth 17. The Dreamstress 18. Penny Rose  19. Sewing your own wedding dress 20. Poppy Kettle 21. The Selfish Seamstress 22. Rake and Make 23. 24. Scared Stitchless 25. Dixie DIY

Speaking of love, I will now announce the winner of last months Fickle Sense Valentine's giveaway. The winner is Adriana Fuentevilla @laadrituitea. Thanks to everyone for their entries! Now Adriana just needs to choose which coloured heart bag she wants and the winged backpack will follow:) 

Thanks again everyone! 

FS Screen Printing Heart Tote Bag - Peach

FS Screen Printing Winged Back Pack 


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