August 24, 2012

Tutorial - Creating your own Textile designs

Recently I have been spending a great deal of time screen printing. I have been a 'casual screen printing hobbyist' for the past few years, but this year it has been one of my focuses. Within the coming months I hope to share my creations in the Fickle Sense shop, however until then I thought I would  continue on this screen printing path by posting a simple textile printing tutorial. 

You need. 
1. Paper and pencil for designing
2. Water proof drafting/drawing paper or projector film. 
3. Textile paint (I recommend Permaset)
4. Screen printing gear (screen & squeegee) OR Roller and roller paint tray
5. Fabric 
6. Desired garment pattern

I am actually not a massive fan of using the roller when painting. Screen printing is much more accurate, however it can be expensive and difficult to find the equipment so using a roller and stencil is a good option.


August 09, 2012

SEWING: Gardens of the world

There is an endless number of things to see and do in Berlin, so much so that it can be difficult to tear yourself away from events conveniently occurring in your direct neighbourhood. But....on one sunny-ish Berlin day we felt somewhat adventurous and made the random decision to ride our bikes to the outskirts of Berlin, to 'der Garten der Welt' (Garden of the worlds). It was not at all what I had expected (though I really should have had a better idea, seeing that the title of the garden gives a pretty good indication of what to expect...gardens from around the world). Anyway, there were Japanese, Islamic, Balinese, Korean, Italian, and Perennial gardens. The gardens gave some insight into the different plant types and the unique architecture within each culture. All in all it was quite an inspiring place to be. I left with a spring in my step and a true feeling of serenity.... which is quite rare for me.

We stopped off at the Islamic garden to take some photos. I just love islamic mosaics. The amount of detail is quite amazing. 

At the moment I am focusing on getting some textile designs up and going. This top was a bit of an experiment and I will be sharing my techniques in a tutorial. These shorts were featured a while back on Burdastyle.

Chiffon top FRONT - Creating a unique piece through simple textile printing
Chiffon top BACK  - inserting some colour to a simple piece.