April 28, 2012

Fickle Sense is taking a break

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photos taken in Berlin

We're taking a break from blogging!

We're hoping to make a few changes to the blog and we thought it would be a good opportunity to take some time off and recharge our creative batteries. We will be back as soon as possible! We will still be on Twitter and Instagram (@fickle_sense) so follow us there for updates. Don't worry, we wont leave you completely high and dry... there will be some Creative Friday posts going up during our time off so you can read up on some amazing Berlin designers.

See you soon! xx

April 27, 2012

Creative Friday: Gudbling

A little while back we ventured to Neukölln to visit Christine, the designer and creator of Gudbling jewellery. As you can see, we were lucky enough to take a few photos of her and her handmade earrings, necklaces and bracelets in the lovely "Liebling Neukölln' store.

I was initially drawn to the Gudbling jewellery as I find the combination of materials so interesting. Crocheting fabric through through metal chains is such a fantastic idea. I find myself staring at her pieces wondering how she makes them!

Thanks to Christine for sharing her experiences and inspirational thoughts:)  

Christine from Gudbling                     Photo: Michael Dooney

Where are you from?
Image from gudbling etsy store
Hi, I'm Christine currently living in Berlin but in my heart still feeling like a northern soul from Schleswig-Holstein.

What is your art/craft and where can we find it?
I design and make unique textile jewelry. I started with dawanda, etsy and several markets which turned out well, so I opened my own shop with a friend in Berlin Neukölln called "Liebling Neukölln".

What are the positives in buying handmade items?
For me buying handmade is about owning a very unique not massproduced piece.  And I love the thought of supporting a single person in fullfilling their personal dream. Sounds solemn but this is what it feels like for me.
Where do you find inspiration?
I'm inspired by color combinations and forms almost everywhere. For example I love the old fashioned subway tiles in Berlin, Bollywood style on Kottbusser Damm, the fleamarket in Schöneberg. And I must admit I spend (waste) a lot of time on the internet sucking in blogs, social media and fashion show videos.

What motivates you to create?
Again a little overemotional but I'm expressing my innermost. It makes me happy, sane, stable and proud.

What encouraging words/advice would you give to someone who is interested in sparking their creativity?
Start right now, start small, don't expect too much and practice a lot. Do it for yourself. Have fun!

Gudbling Store Etsy
Gudbling Store Dawanda
Gudbling website

April 22, 2012

star studded


(Jeans: Isabel Marant 'Leo Trouser'. Shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Nina'. Top: Acne. Necklaces: Minusey. Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James 'Lafayette'. Bag: Alexander Wang 'Kirsten Satchel')

"Lack luster purchases lead straight to crowded, nonsensical closets and insufficient funds."

Truer words have never been spoken. I never thought I would be wearing an outfit laden with so many designer names, but thanks to my new clothes resolution (and some serious internet stalking/ bargain hunting) I've been able to save up the dosh for some things I've really wanted. 

I've had these jeans for such a long time and it's disappointing that they're only appearing on the blog now. When I saw them on The New Guard for 70% off I clicked them home... like ASAP.... like heart palpitations etc etc.....

Kaye xx

April 18, 2012

mono-coloured outfits






Top: Tibi
Pants: Joseph
Shoes: Isabel Marant
Nail polish: Revlon
Clutch: Asos (sold out but similar here)
Naked Palette: Urban Decay

Pants: Stella McCartney
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
Top: Mulberry
Eye-shadow: Dior
Nail polish: Deborah Lippmann 

Pants: Karl Pacey
Top: Diane Von Furstenberg
Shoes: Sigerson Morrison
Liquid liner: Stila

I'm obsessed with mono-coloured outfits! The textural elements of the outfit is what makes it work. A boxy top teamed with a pair of pants in a contrasting texture makes a great start... then just go over the top and get all matchy-matchy with your accessories! Im definitely not the type of girl to match her shoes to her handbag.... but something about this exaggerated and over the top approach to colour coordination get's me all excited!

Kaye xx

April 13, 2012

Voodoo Market No. 7

Saturday 14th of April

11am to 7pm

The Wye on skalitzerstr. 86

Since the Chez Jacki club closed it's doors last year, the Voodoo market was left without a home. After a short break they found a new location in Kreuzberg. It is definitely my favourite handmade market in Berlin and it has a great community atmosphere. The music, the wonderful handmade items, the people make it THE market to visit!

If you are in Berlin tomorrow come along to the Voodoo market and say hello! I will be down there with Fickle Sense totes and earrings!

April 11, 2012

mahaila made brocade jacket, shorts and top! Burda style!

It was a while ago now that this 'mahaila made' ensemble graced the front page of burdastyle.com. After all of the excitement, I forgot to post it on the blog, so here it is.

Looking back on this project, I can now see how it has shaped my recent sewing expeditions. Since tackling this tailored jacket head on and working through the pain (mainly due to the very poorly written instructions) I emerged with flying colours.... which on this occasion meant actually finishing the garment off properly. Attention to detail! 

Completing a garment off in a professional manner can be one of sewers most dreaded tasks. You can see the finish line, yet it is just so far away.I often find that I need to talk myself into spending that extra time on the piece. But it is all worth it in the end. A garment that you can be proud of (and you can show others without the embarrassment of tatty insides) and a longer lasting garment.    

mahaila made shorts, top and jacket

So what did I learn from these projects?

1. Create a draft garment/muslin.
It’s the way to go! It saves you heaps of time (honestly it does!) and you get a better product at the end. This is the time where you can make mistakes and alterations. It may feel like it is a long process, but the end garment makes it all worthwhile.

2. Create lasting garments, finish them properly.
I am definitely guilty of rushing through the finishings in an effort to wear the item for an anticipated event. Lately I have spent the time lining the garments, finishing off edges properly, and hand sewing the finishing details….before I wear the garment! This last point is important.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of hand sewing.
When I first started sewing, I hand sewed everything! I have recently revisited it in a big way! Hand sewing slows the process down and can allow you to achieve a better fit.

4. Treat yourself to good quality (even if it’s once in a blue moon).
Sewing can be an expensive hobby which means that a lot of us can’t afford fantastic quality fabrics. I have recently allowed myself to purchase a few items that I have had my eye on for awhile. It’s nice to reward your hard work with quality purchases :). Maybe save up all of those spur of the moment cheap fabric purchases and spend your well earned dough on something that you really want.

Oh and see the boned cuff detailing. I am fairly pleased with my decision to add them to this jacket and I think that I will be experimenting with them with future projects. Oh and I will be posting a tutorial regarding boned cuffs. So keep an eye out for it!

April 09, 2012

nothing to do


Dress: Asos.

I'm back from a much deserved Easter break. Through an unfortunate series of events we ended up at a little town called Greenhead. Really, the only thing to do there is fish. I don't like to fish. So for us, there was really nothing to do. Which I guess wasn't such a bad thing in the end :)

Kaye xx

April 05, 2012


Instagram pic by me @ficklesense
Granny slippers stolen borrowed from mum

Robert and I are heading off for the Easter break, so I'll pass the mic over to mahaila for a few days.
I'll catch ya on the flip siiiiiiiide.

April 03, 2012

DIY holey shredded jumper - tutorial



As promised (albeit a little tardy), here is the tutorial for my shredded jumper I almost didn't make this tutorial because its so easy peasy! Also because there are already some really great tutorials on tee shredding (this is a fav of mine). But I thought I'd post mine anyway. 


You will need
Just a pair of scissors and a jumper with a fine knit. 
I was actually eyeing this one from Topshop for a while. So glad I waited because this guy was only $12 from Kmart!


Step 1: Cut
First have a look at where you want your holes. I just mapped it out in my brrrraaaiiiiinnnn but you might want to use chalk.


Step 2: Pull
Gently tug at the top section of the whole you have made. You'll see some threads come loose. 


Step 3: Shred
Following the grain of the knit, keep pulling the threads apart until you have a decent section of loosened thread.

That's really it! There are loads of shredding tutorials on Youtube so hit those up too!

Kaye xx

April 01, 2012

'One sewing pattern, One week' challenge complete!

one week, one pattern challenge

7 days of fickle sense circle skirts!
Consider this challenge completed!

Tilly from Tilly and the buttons hosted a great a sewing challenge last week. It was a challenge which celebrated our most loved sewing patterns. She inspired fellow sewers to wear sewing projects from one single pattern for the entire week. I chose my fickle sense circle skirt pattern for the 7 day challenge. My week of circle skirt wearing was a fairly simple task as I have used my pattern many times (and I still have more!). I have recently moved away from the old circle skirt, so it was nice to revisit the items that I had previously sewn. It even inspired me to dust off a few items (e.g.the cream chiffon skirt) which I have not worn for a few months.

All in all it was a nice challenge and I was glad to have for filled the challenge requirements..... though it was not the only challenge that I conquered this week. Yes  I completed the Berlin Half Marathon today! It all went well until we hit the 19km mark.... ooohhhhhhh the pain! But we pushed through and finished with a good time:) I now looked forward to the next Half marathon!!! or perhaps triathlon or Avon Descent...:)


DIY shredded jumper


(Leather jeans: Current Elliot. Sunglasses: Asos. Jumper: Kmart. Shoes: Joie <----- worn here. Bag: Lily Rose.)

These leather Current Elliot jeans are un-freakin-believable. They are so stretchy, just pull them on and you're ready to go. I always wanted a pair of really nice black ones - still kind of looking - but I actually think this green colour could be more versatile for the day.  I did a little bit of shredding on this jumper, I'll post the tutorial tomorrow!

Kaye xx