April 11, 2012

mahaila made brocade jacket, shorts and top! Burda style!

It was a while ago now that this 'mahaila made' ensemble graced the front page of burdastyle.com. After all of the excitement, I forgot to post it on the blog, so here it is.

Looking back on this project, I can now see how it has shaped my recent sewing expeditions. Since tackling this tailored jacket head on and working through the pain (mainly due to the very poorly written instructions) I emerged with flying colours.... which on this occasion meant actually finishing the garment off properly. Attention to detail! 

Completing a garment off in a professional manner can be one of sewers most dreaded tasks. You can see the finish line, yet it is just so far away.I often find that I need to talk myself into spending that extra time on the piece. But it is all worth it in the end. A garment that you can be proud of (and you can show others without the embarrassment of tatty insides) and a longer lasting garment.    

mahaila made shorts, top and jacket

So what did I learn from these projects?

1. Create a draft garment/muslin.
It’s the way to go! It saves you heaps of time (honestly it does!) and you get a better product at the end. This is the time where you can make mistakes and alterations. It may feel like it is a long process, but the end garment makes it all worthwhile.

2. Create lasting garments, finish them properly.
I am definitely guilty of rushing through the finishings in an effort to wear the item for an anticipated event. Lately I have spent the time lining the garments, finishing off edges properly, and hand sewing the finishing details….before I wear the garment! This last point is important.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of hand sewing.
When I first started sewing, I hand sewed everything! I have recently revisited it in a big way! Hand sewing slows the process down and can allow you to achieve a better fit.

4. Treat yourself to good quality (even if it’s once in a blue moon).
Sewing can be an expensive hobby which means that a lot of us can’t afford fantastic quality fabrics. I have recently allowed myself to purchase a few items that I have had my eye on for awhile. It’s nice to reward your hard work with quality purchases :). Maybe save up all of those spur of the moment cheap fabric purchases and spend your well earned dough on something that you really want.

Oh and see the boned cuff detailing. I am fairly pleased with my decision to add them to this jacket and I think that I will be experimenting with them with future projects. Oh and I will be posting a tutorial regarding boned cuffs. So keep an eye out for it!


  1. wow...that jacket is very unique. I like the colour and glitter sheen to it. very nice ^^


    Style Hostess

  2. I love the fabric of your blazer - it's gorgeous!

    xo Joana

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  4. Gorgeous photos!

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  5. Oooh, just read the part where you say you're doing a tutorial on boned cuffs - can't wait! :)

    xo Joana

  6. that jacket is beautiful on you! love the pattern!


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    xx Julie xx

  8. Great jacket!



  9. I like how you styled this jacket :)

    xo Jennifer


  10. The style you ve got its such trendy and actual. I am impressed by your outfits;)

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  11. cute!!!


  12. I looove your outfit! And the Ubahn station in your back made jump my heart, I miss so much Berlin!! I can't wait to come back!

  13. So cute, and your hair is adorable!

  14. I shoild learn the point 1 - to make a muslin! I don't like to remake something, so often my projects became UFO because of this%( So with muslin it should be easy to change the pattern.