March 30, 2012

tooth and chain

I don't often go into Kookai but thought I might take a look at the online store.
I was SO AMAZED to find this necklace! And it's only $40? Cheap for Kookai I think! I'll definitely be picking one up next time I'm near a store.

March 29, 2012

Perth fashion blogger breakfast


Claire and I - Love her super sweet pink hair!


Jes and Abby

The lovely Steph and Alexis


The adorable L wearing some sick pj's - LOVE it!


Kim's bag and some happy leopard feet


Perhaps the cutest pic of the day? Loving Chow's expression :)


As promised, here are some photos from the Perth fashion blogger breakfast (you can catch my full outfit post here). It's always wonderful meeting up with these ladies... it's an environment where we are all free to gush over each other's Wang's (no pun intended), amazing chain store and vintage buys... and even camera lenses! We normally get a few strange stares from people when we are all together but I think we are all used to that by now :) I tried a little harder this time to take some snaps, however I always miss some people! A special shout-out to Jessie, Trish and Kim - I didn't get a chance to shoot you girls, but it was lovely to see you nonetheless! 

Kaye xx

March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday mum!

mahaila crochet Crobot!
Happy Birthday MUM!
Sending our love from Berlin to Perth
This little 'Matryoshka Crobot' is waiting for your arrival in Berlin. Only a few days  now:)

March 25, 2012

cheers to the boyfriend jean!


(Jacket: Cue < ------ seen before here. Bag: Alexander Wang. Jeans: Asos. Tank: Agent 99. Necklaces: Etsy. Shoes: Joie)

This is what I wore to the perth fashion blogger breakfast (pics are soon to come). Boyfriend jeans.... you are my new best friend. I had been eyeing these Current Elliot ones and was simply not willing to pay the price. I think these Asos ones look pretty damn similar and are so much friendlier to the ol' debit card. 

Kaye xx

March 23, 2012

Creative Friday. Purchases & Projects

The other week I was lucky enough to have walked past the Humana second hand store whilst they were having a massive sale. Everything in the store was 1.50 euros. After spending an hour scouring through the racks I emerged with some fantastic pieces for only 13.50 euros.
When I got home I added up the prices on the tags. Normally all of these pieces would be around 140 euros. CRAZY! I just love these vintage textiles (most of them are large skirts), so stay tuned to see what I end up creating with them. I am already making a 60's inspired dress with the green and purple plaid skirt.... just hope that I have enough material in the skirt, otherwise the dress may end up a little short:(

I also wanted to share some exciting news. I actually own an overlocker. Michael bought it for my birthday, with some help from my grandma. It is amazing! I can finish off each garment properly and now I can sew for other people without feeling embarrassed about the poor finish. This is a great machine. After reading heaps of reviews, I found only positive feedback. I love this machine:)

March 18, 2012

The story of the travelling red jacket

                                   Photos: Michael Dooney

I love wearing a red jacket in Germany. I feel loud and proud! I find that people here (understandably) look at little sad and depressed throughout the winter months. Greys and blacks dominate the outer wear. I DID follow this morbid trend until this jacket arrived in the post.... though a few months delayed:( 

Unfortunately this jacket ended up going on a tour of the world before it arrived in Berlin. Mum, dad and Kaye bought this jacket for me for Christmas (THANKS)... but it never arrived in time. So I waited and waited, only to find out that it had made it's way to Perth instead of Berlin. So after having both mum and kaye try it on (yeah sure, you just had to make sure that it fit:) ) it arrived in Berlin ....  though in the form of a letter from Customs. Yes they thought a jacket and a pair of shoes were suspicious. So on a cold wintery morning we made our way to the customs office to argue our way out of paying tax for a Christmas present. Luckily Michael's German arguing skills paid off and we finally emerged with the package from Aus! 

Thanks again to my fam for such a lovely Chrissy present:)

March 16, 2012

Creative Friday with Alexbender

The other week we visited the very talented bag designer Alex from Alexbender. She makes these awesome little handmade bags and my favourite items are definitely the little party bags. They are the perfect size for a good night out on the town! So definitely check out her etsy store! and thanks to Alex for taking the time to meet with us and share some of her wise words:)

Alexbender                              Photo: Michael Dooney

Where are you from?

I grew up in a little village north of munich and I live in Berlin a little more than 4 years now

What is your art/craft and where can we find it?

I am an accessories designer and a dress maker. I sell my products mainly leather goods on the internet and a shop in berlin and nuernberg. You can find more pictures about me and my work on my blog . Apart from designing and sewing my third passion is photography.

What are the positives in buying handmade items?

Its very personal you know who made it most of the time and if you buy it online you often have contact with the person making it. I think thats great!! It much better to support small buisness instead of big sweat shops. Although often it is more unique and special

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere just walking around absorbing things surrounding me. Love to spend a lot of time in nature that gives me a lot of power for new ideas. Apart from that I love photography, music and dancing.

What motivates you to create?

I am driven being creative my whole life so I dont need a specific motivation. The passion to create comes from deep inside and I just love my sewing machine so much.

What encouraging words/advice would you give to someone who is interested in sparking their creativity?
Just do whatever you like dont follow any rules.
Everyone is creative it is just hard to start sometimes.
If you think you are not creative be paitent it might take some time to learn but If you continue training you can learn whatever craft or art you would like to !!

Alexbender etsy
Alexbender blog

March 14, 2012

chilli and wine


(Top: Agent 99. Shorts: Topshop < ------- seen a long time ago here. Shoes: Shoebox. Necklaces: gifted and Etsy.Bag: Asos.)

Robert and I attempted the chilli festival but were disgusted at the entry cost (yes, we can be cheap at times) and so made a chilli festival of our own at Little Creatures brewery (definitely one of my favourite places in Perth). We had chilli mussels and chilli nachos yuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm.......
In the midst of scoffing our chilli festival for two, I had to take some snaps. The colours in the food and wine reflected the exact colour palette that I'm currently craving. I've found that lately I've gravitated towards earthy tones and pretty jewel colours instead of the usual black. Once or twice I've over-indulged resulting in a Pocahontas-like aesthetic.... and not in the cute bohemian kind of way. In response to one tassel-embellished ensemble that I had donned, Robert said, "It would look OK..... if it wasn't in earthy tones..... and your skirt didn't have tassels..... and without the sandals......" 

Kaye xx

March 13, 2012

Congrats! Fickle Sense winner:)

Congrats to littlechrissy who has won the fickle sense giveaway! She chose a 'C' tote as well as mustard button earrings.

And of course a big thanks to everyone that entered!.... if you missed out  on the competition but still want a bag then head over to the fickle sense shop

March 11, 2012

a family of Fickle Sense bags

Mahaila gave each family member a personalised tote
While I use mine as a functional way to "quirk up" an outfit, our family members have other ideas.....


Our mum Lesley takes hers to the markets to be filled with yummy apples and fresh bread.


Our 92 year old gran Hazel takes hers to the library to be filled with her books for the week.


Our dad Ross uses his tote to take his things to the beach. 

Don't forget to enter our Fickle Sense Shop Giveaway to win your own personalised tote and vintage earrings!

March 05, 2012

Win your own personalised tote!

In celebration of the opening of the Fickle Sense shop we are having a giveaway!  For a chance to wear one of these personalised totes on your shoulder and don a pair of vintage Berlin button earrings just follow the three steps below!

1. Tell us your name (so that we can screen print a special initialed tote just for you!) or just tell us your favourite letter.
2. Tell us which are your favourite pair of earrings from the Fickle Sense shop
3. Follow Fickle Sense on Google or Bloglovin

The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on Tuesday the 13th of March 2012. 

Good luck and I am looking forward to screen printing a bag just for you:)

Fickle Sense SHOP!

March 01, 2012

nude and caged


I'm having a little nude phase at the moment.

If you happen to have $2,795.95 lying around, you can get these here.

Kaye xx