March 23, 2012

Creative Friday. Purchases & Projects

The other week I was lucky enough to have walked past the Humana second hand store whilst they were having a massive sale. Everything in the store was 1.50 euros. After spending an hour scouring through the racks I emerged with some fantastic pieces for only 13.50 euros.
When I got home I added up the prices on the tags. Normally all of these pieces would be around 140 euros. CRAZY! I just love these vintage textiles (most of them are large skirts), so stay tuned to see what I end up creating with them. I am already making a 60's inspired dress with the green and purple plaid skirt.... just hope that I have enough material in the skirt, otherwise the dress may end up a little short:(

I also wanted to share some exciting news. I actually own an overlocker. Michael bought it for my birthday, with some help from my grandma. It is amazing! I can finish off each garment properly and now I can sew for other people without feeling embarrassed about the poor finish. This is a great machine. After reading heaps of reviews, I found only positive feedback. I love this machine:)


  1. ooh, I am very jealous! Can't wait to see what you make - some great prints in there.

  2. Sometimes I buy new skirts when they're massively reduced in sales just to use the material.