August 24, 2012

Tutorial - Creating your own Textile designs

Recently I have been spending a great deal of time screen printing. I have been a 'casual screen printing hobbyist' for the past few years, but this year it has been one of my focuses. Within the coming months I hope to share my creations in the Fickle Sense shop, however until then I thought I would  continue on this screen printing path by posting a simple textile printing tutorial. 

You need. 
1. Paper and pencil for designing
2. Water proof drafting/drawing paper or projector film. 
3. Textile paint (I recommend Permaset)
4. Screen printing gear (screen & squeegee) OR Roller and roller paint tray
5. Fabric 
6. Desired garment pattern

I am actually not a massive fan of using the roller when painting. Screen printing is much more accurate, however it can be expensive and difficult to find the equipment so using a roller and stencil is a good option.


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