February 11, 2015

Get inspired! with Historical European Fashion

For Museum Hopping location #3 we ventured to the Kunstgerwebe Museum, Berlin to see the European fashion exhibition. On display were fashions from over 150 years, with approximately 130 different costumes and accessories to gwark over. Yes I was salivating the entire time, much like when I go fabric shopping... but with history lessons included.  

Schiaparelli & the Scarf Dress

Schiaparelli is my all time favourite designer, so I was obviously  extremely excited to see her pieces up close. This black blouse and skirt on the left (above) had some Schiaparelli charm to it with its combination of print and brooches. What an original concept... not until getting up close do you realise that some of these flowers are actually brooches. Love it!

The dress on the right (above) is made from scarves. I have always wanted to make a garment out of scarves, so this was a nice reminder. Unfortunately I forgot to note down the designer who created this particular dress, but I can still appreciate it.

The biggest inspirational dress was.......The Champagne Coloured Evening Gown, Jaques Heim, from Paris 1935

"Jaques Heim (1899-1967) use the possibilities of bias cut to create here a sophisticated play with the blunt bodice and matte reverse of the crepe marocain."

This beautiful bias cut gown was my favourite. The sleeve is so interestingly designed and it hangs beautifully. The sophisticated use of the textile was just AMAZING! I am going to use this inspiration to experiment and practice with bias cut garments. LOVE IT!

Next stop: Museum #4 The Gemäldegalerie, Berlin.

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