February 04, 2015

Get inspired! Explore! in FEBRUARY

After living in Berlin for a few years, my husband and I embarrassingly realised that we had visited very few of the museums in Berlin. So a year ago we bought a museum pass, enabling us to freely visit each museum. Now a year on,  regrettably we rarely utilised it. So with a month left I am choosing to make up for lost time by visiting every Staatliche (state) museum within the month of Febraury.  Consequently, February is now my month for the collection of inspiration.

Throughout February I will be sharing my museum inspirations and my subsequent fashion related creative output. 

I will be:

  • Visiting each museum
  • Taking photos of items which inspire me
  • Posting a selection of them on this blog
  • Selecting one particular item which could inspire a garment or outfit
  • Creating some of these outfits based on specific inspiration

Here we go!..............

Sunday 1st February Pergamon Museum & Bode Museum

1. Inspiration from the Pergamon Museum

I chose this textured stone wall as my Pergamon inspiration. Perhaps I will use the technique of quilting to achieve similar shapes in a skirt. 

Quilting does seem to be one of the "in things" at the moment. Here are some examples of quilted garments. 
Images from Sonia Rykie, 1800s Long  quilted skirt (MET), Just a Pretty Style

2. Inspiration from the Bode Museum 
Sculpture is not exactly my favourite type of art, especially if it is teamed with religious art. For this reason the Bode museum was not exuding with inspiration for me. But of course there were some nice pieces throughout the collection.  

For the Bode Museum I chose this painting by Giovanni Domenico Ticpolo (1754) with it's pinks, yellows, whites and greys.

Below are some possible fashion ideas
Images from cool chic style fashion, dailylookStylebop
I suppose that I will need to go fabric shopping to find the perfect shades of yellow, pink and grey

Next museum stop is the Kunstgewerbe Museum (Museum of Decorative Arts) which currently exhibits a history of fashion. 


GET INSPIRED! and explore your neighbourhood.

Also to come this month, giveaways, information on mindfulness and more museums exploits!

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  1. WOOHOO! Can't wait to see what you come up with! You went to one museum with me, remember? The Jewish museum. Are you going to go to that one again? There's probably not a lot of textile inspiration there.