November 05, 2010

Booties and Birds

This spring in Berlin I started knitting again..... The last time that I picked up the old knitting needles was when I was 15 and I knitted my Aussie Football team, The Dockers! scarf. This time round I was motivated by the fact that everyone has decided to breed in 2010. So I decided to knit some little baby booties. I love this pattern for the booties as they are really quite simple and require little thought (which is fantastic for when I have the sewing blues).  After pumping out the many miniature shoes I decided to make some toys to send home for presents. I love this Knitted Toy Box blog. It is very nice of her to share her creations e.g. the birds. I have knitted a milk carton... I just need to sew it all together and knit the biscuit. I also love the mochi mochi land blog where she also shares some of her patterns.

P.S. An up coming challenge will involve me knitting a garment... which shall not be named at the present moment. And believe me.... this is a challenge for me!


  1. I am sooooo excited about that special knitted garment! I've been dying to see it and dying to share it online!!

    The booties are gorgeous! and the birds look even better in real life. Photos don't do them justice

  2. The birds are so cute. Lovely and genuine idea.