November 21, 2010

SPAIN: In and around Toledo

Aaahhhh, Toledo....... the land of knives, swords, Damascene jewellery, mass produced paella's, extremely narrow streets and many tourists. The historic centre entertains thousands each year and you can understand why. We spent the entire day walking through the tiny winding streets marvelling the ancient architecture.... it was a bloody awesome day! Highly recommended visit.

THE OUTFIT: I am in LOVE with circle skirts. I remember sitting in my Grandma's living room and she told me... 'it is very simple to make a circle skirt. All you need to do is calculate your waist, this is the circumference of the circle.  Use ╬ár²to find out the radius. Then measure the length of the skirt and wahlah. A circle skirt.' My first skirt was made with a tartan fabric, (which I previously posted here). The fabric for the skirt is from the Turkish markets and I was eyeing it off for weeks. I love the colours and the patterns in the fabric. The jacket is from a vintage vogue pattern. I really like the jacket, though I do apologise for it's presentation in the photos. It was a wrinkled mess. Travelling + no iron = a very creased garment. 

Photography: Michael Dooney 


  1. I haven't seen either of these! I love the detail at the back of the jacket. And the fabric of the skirt is really nice... good ol' Grandma

  2. lovely skirt :)


  3. beautiful skirt & love your backdrops.

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  5. I love the jacket particularly the peplum and collar details.

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