November 02, 2010

Only in Germany...... the POTATO Festival!

Lately we have been disappointed with some of the events that we have attended whilst in Berlin. We were on a dry spell UNTIL Die Kartofeln Festival! Amongst the Grannies, kids and families elbows were out as we scavenged for worthy potatoes. A day full of potato harvesting, potato painting, potato stamping, potato eating, potato schnapps drinking.... and the list goes on. We even had a potato soup with none other then a long wurst sitting in it. Oh Germany.... you gotta love it. 

The jacket is a bit of an oldie....but still a goodie. I made it a few years ago and have always really loved it. It has a bit of a classic feel to it and I love wearing it with my black bow skirt and my Kleidermarkt Hamburg white blouse. I can ALWAYS see the flaws in this jacket, e.g. the section added at the front is a cover up for my dodgy ironing. When fixing the interfacing I applied too much heat and consequently gave it a bit of a warped look. It is definitely good to look back at your old sewing projects to see how much you have learnt and improved!    

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. potato festival? well, definitely only in Germany. lol. but it looks like an awesome time and great country to be. potato festival!? i love the idea.

  2. Our brother said at dinner "you guys never smile on your blog"... congratulations on cracking the first smile.

    I think the imperfections of this jacket make it really special. I remember you showing me and dad when you first made it. I really like the colour palette of this outfit. The mint green looks lovely against the black.

    ......there was a LONG WURST SITTING IN YOUR SOUP? That's foul.

  3. That first photo is absolutely beautiful!

  4. The first photo is beautiful, love the quality.


  5. what a fun festival! i'm definitely a fan of potatoes.

  6. I just found your blog via burdastyle and want to be a follower from now on! your jacket is adorable! and the photos are great!

    maybe you will find some time to come by and visit my blog, too!:)