October 30, 2010



So this is my attempt at the DIY turban that mahaila designed here. Challenge completed. Pretty successful, I think! Now trust me when I say if I can do this, anybody can. I don't have much patience and the longest I have been in front of a sewing machine is with mahaila by my side the whole time. For this challenge, with mahaila in Germany, it was just me. This is how it started out.........

Email communications:
Mahaila: I was JUST looking at some photos of turbans, do you want the headband version?
Kaye: Yeh I reckon the headband version. R u going to keep the one u make or do I get both? Hehehehe
Mahaila: i can send you what ever I make, but you need to make one too. It's pretty simple stuff. I haven't made it yet, but it won't be difficult. 

Well mahaila over-estimated my sewing knowledge. The good news is that I learnt a few things along the way:
  1. The machine won't sew without the bobbin....... 
  2. I now know how to re-fill the bobbin in a modern sewing machine
  3. The RIGHT side of fabric means the side that you want showing.... mahaila is going to roll her eyes when she reads this, but I thought she meant "right" as in left and right (trust me, I'm not a dumb-ass, just a little ditsy at times)
  4. When mahaila said to fold it, she meant LENGTH WAYS. On my first attempt, I folded it into some stupid little tube and sewed the top then had to unpick it and start again.
  5. Measurements should be EXACT. After making my first one that didn't fit on my head, I decided to measure it properly. 
As mahaila previously mentioned, I wanted a turban made of velvet because I liked the fit and look of this one so much. So I went to the nearest op-shop and bought this little number for $4. I though I might use the skirt in an outfit and use the top for the turban.

I think you could make this out of a jersey or a stretch wool if velvet isn't your thing. And get creative! You could embellish the front (like on this Sportsgirl turban), or you could change the smaller section to a bow.

Email communications:

Mahaila: did you want a bow?
Kaye: I don't want a bow on it because, as much as I like my black one, I get called "cute" alot when i wear it and one of my girlfriends told me she "just wanted to cuddle me and play with me". So I'd like one without a bow this time.

We hope you guys have fun creating your own unique turban... and the cash you save by doing it yourself!! Please let us know if you give it a crack and send us pictures  :)


  1. hee hee... you are very funny. I can just see you sitting on the sewing machine, muttering away to yourself....LOOKS GREAT! Onya Sonia! Perfection itself. Consider the challenge completed and conquered!

  2. if I was just "muttering", then mum probably wouldn't now know just how filthy her daughter's language can be.... the bobbin incident was not a pretty one.

  3. totally loving your DIY turbin!! i wonder if i could rock one with my short hair..


  4. I love the outfit! Greetings! :D


  5. i love this turban, you did such a wonderful job!

  6. amazing pictures! great blog

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  7. I'm totally in love with your knitted sweater!

  8. you are amazing and your outfit is amazing too... I love this shoes!

  9. love this turban!!! I have a pretty cheap one from H&M and you can use a thin scarf to twist it around your head (that looks good, too) but I think I will knit one for myself.

    Your outfit is very pretty!

  10. i love this headband! wanna make something similar myself

  11. Loving the turban and the photography too..
    Great style you have

  12. so gorgeous! i love that headband! :)


  13. defo will be trying this D.I.Y turban...suit you aswell!
    newest follower :)

    check my blog out

    x x

  14. Hooray for TURBANS... I'm thinking of turning Tuesday into Turban tuesday permanently...