October 22, 2010

princess polly.... spreading love, peace and happiness

Lace panelled sun dress: $220

Lace panelled tier maxi dress: $280

Road trip dress: $70

BANG! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?! I was so excited when I found this. Both of the Shakuhachi dresses are sold out (the sun dress and the maxi in both colours). So much so, that I couldn't find an image of the black maxi version online.... not that I could have ever have afforded them anyway. 

The princess polly version is nowhere near as dreamy as the original.... but hey, it's a maxi dress with lace panelled inserts.... the look is achieved. Unfortunately, the black one is sold out in my size so I went for the peach instead..... luckily princess polly only does express post.... now all I have to do is wait......

get the doppelganger here


  1. lust lust lust lust lusting this dress!!!! It takes maxi's to a whole new level of amazingness. Hoping they get some more sizes in! Great find!


  2. I love the dress with the parted lace, it's great. The model is gorgeous too.


  3. I love the black dresses. Lacey and beautiful.

  4. the muted pink is stunning x