October 03, 2010

New fabric store in Berlin: Stoffe Meyer

We regularly attend exhibition openings and generally this will involve photographs, drawings, paintings, light instillations etc.... multiple mediums of art. Attending an opening with the main theme being fabric was a first.  The other week we attended the opening for Stoffe Meyer the new fabric store in Berlin. This is a very nice store and perhaps that is evident when you have one roll of fabric for one piece of shelf. Generally fabrics ranged from 10 euros, up to 50 euros and beyond. I did spend my time drooling over the fantastic quality and designs. I think that this is a great store, but it is very expensive. So if you have a particular garment in mind which requires a certain level of quality (e.g. a corset) then this is the place to shop. Most of the fabrics seemed to be 100% cotton and some were organic cotton. 
They also had an interactive component to the opening where people received one of their fabric bags and then decorated them by using stencils and paint. It was my first time using a roller to print images....I wasn't converted. I think that I will stick with screen printing.

photographer: Michael Dooney


  1. Glad to hear you are finding all of the spots to get good fabric. I can't wait to see all of the pieces you have created with it!

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