September 30, 2010

a red oldie

This red dress is an oldie but a goodie. I made it a few years ago to wear at my friends wedding. I followed a basic bodice pattern for the bodice and then shaped the skirt on my dressmaking doll. It was one of my first boned bodices. Now that I have made a corset with metal boning, I won't go back to plastic boning. I remember when I was a bridesmaids and we had the dresses made... by the end of the night the crappy cheap boning had curled up and the dress is pretty much ruined and can't be worn again. And the dressmaker called herself a professional... anyway 
These photos were taken at the Kino International. When stepping inside the building you can't help but feel that you have stepped back in time to the 60's. The foyer is lit with many light bulbs on the ceiling. Walking up the stairs you are welcomed by a number of chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. The cinema is like an old theatre. You can just imagine the acts which would have performed there to the many locals and tourists of Berlin. On this day we saw a film called London nights. When it started I had a 'Oh, this is just great, I thought the film was in english' feeling. The guy spoke Spanish and there were German subtitles. There is no way that my German language is strong enough to read the subtitles... but luckily, it was just the beginning. The rest was in English. Phew! It was a nice film, and now I want a polaroid camera.

photography: Michael Dooney


  1. I know this dress! I wore it out one night I think.

    It is unbelievable to think that you even know enough German to read ANY of it!! Your German must be coming along really well.

    ich liebe dich, sie sind mein Junge

  2. Yes lovely photos. I especially love the first one :)

    xo -the garage gypsy

  3. What is this metal boning you speak of? I have only worked with the plastic one.