September 22, 2010

Flanging around with a yoke

The theme for this outfit is flanges and yokes. I decided that I would make a skirt which featured a yoke. I saw the floral material at the markets and thought about it for a few days, then went back to find an orange fabric. I also wanted to make a blouse with flanges inserted at mid shoulder. You can not see the top of the yoke skirt as I felt that, as an outfit it was better to leave the blouse untucked. The skirt is a high waisted skirt with a diagonal yoke. 
The bird necklace... if you can see it, is from one of my favourite shops in Mount Lawley Perth, Behind the Monkey. This shop has heaps of local jewellery and stocks my favourite jewellery designer, Victoria Mason (I am probably wearing my tea cup earrings in these photos, but will have to take some close ups).
And of course I am wearing my favourite sunnies from Mauermarkt.

On this particular day we decided to ride our bikes to Treptower Park. It was sunny one moment and stormy the next... one of the not so exciting downsides of living in Berlin. We walked around the park through to the Soviet War Memorial. This is an amazing memorial and would suggest that it is a must see for any Berlin visitors. The park itself lies on the Spree. In the summer it is always full of people having a grill, beer or exercising. We ended this day with a relaxing beer in the sun (I was savouring the moment as I knew that summer would soon hoo).

Photographer: Michael Dooney

sorry... I will add the definitions now
Yoke "The yoke is a design element which located at the top of a shirt, skirt, pants or shorts, and is cut separately to create a pieced illusion. Yokes are sometimes cut on the bias or cross-grain to define a style( for example, the cloth over the shoulders on Cowboy style shirts.)" Burdastyle 

a flange is just an extension or a part which is a continuation of the garment. So in this case I added a piece of fabric about 3 inches wide which ran from the waist to the mid shoulder and through to the back. On the second photo you can see the folds in the blouse. This is the flanged section.


  1. I don't know what a flange or a yoke is. But I like your skirt and top.

  2. lovely outfit, the first and third photos are my fav!

  3. i especially dig the last shot. the flowers need to be dead headed. but this looks great.