September 14, 2010

F*#% Parade! Yes it WAS summer......Mein Lieblings Sommer Kleid

The F%#*k Parade was definitely an experience. 11.4 km anti establishment protest/parade/party. Development along the Spree was the major topic of concern. Around 10 vans drove from Potsdamerplatz to Friedrichshain playing various styles of dance music. We rode to Potsdamerplatz to hear the speeches then made the 11.4 trek. As the parade progressed through the streets of Berlin more and more people joined the party. Berlin is an awesome city to live in!

The glasses were purchased from Mauermarkt. Not my favourite market in Berlin...but these are my favourite glasses. They are second hand and are quality. You will be seeing a more of these.... well at least until the sun goes on holiday. 

The dress: I  made this dress when I first came to Berlin... and waited and waited and waited until I could wear it for summer. Finally summer did come. I always feel extra summery in this dress. I like the low back and the ruffles on the skirt.
This is not my pattern, it is from vogue
FABRIC: purchased in Australia. I can't remember where exactly from...

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  1. This dress is just beautiful! The back is really stunning. I can't believe you made this! Very clever.