September 19, 2010

Boheme Sauvage: a visit to the 1920's

A few weeks ago we attended the Boheme Sauvage party in Mitte Berlin. The dress code was 1920's. There are a few organisations which hold 1920's inspired parties in Berlin. We will definitely be attending one again soon. I think that the Hamburg one is happening this weekend. On the way to the party we stopped and took some photos of each other with our black and white film. 
The dress is actually a H&M dress which was on sale.... as soon as I saw it I knew that it was perfect for the party. I cut it half way down and inserted some lace to make the garment look longer. I planned on making a hat for the occasion, but I got a little lazy (plus I find it hard to find good felt here) so I just tied a scarf around my head for a 20's look.  
For Michael we hired some suspenders and he wore his new glasses. These beauties are from a Berlin company Funk Optik.  They sell frames (they have heaps of good sunnies too) and have an optometrist working there too. Very handy 

Photos: Michael & mahaila


  1. Michael looks so cool. A real gentleman! And you are very clever! Good idea inserting the lace. The black and white photos look really cool too.

  2. lovely look!

    both of them are amazin:))

    great blog!

    pls come visit and join!