September 25, 2010

BERLIN FESTIVAL 2010....What a disappointment!

This last photos fits in with the theme of the Berlin Festival 2010.... this photo ended unexpectedly... much like the festival. Music stopped 4 hours earlier on Fri night... so heaps of bands didn't play Friday night.. well early Saturday morning. Then Saturday ended 7 hours earlier at 11 at night. We missed most of the bands that we wanted to see and the one's that we did see (sorry, but Fever Ray was VERY disappointing as a stage show). This event was definitely not organised well. They were surprised that everyone went to the 2 side stages when the main stage closed and consequently freaked out about the amount of people there. I suppose that they were paranoid because of the VERY unfortunate events which occurred at Love parade.

The outfit: I decided to have a go at making culottes, so I made these floral shorts. They are actually based on a skirt pattern, not a pants pattern. The fabric is of course from the Turkish markets. The top is a reglan t shirt pattern. I then made a bow for the waist.

Please if you are thinking of going to next years Berlin Festival... DON'T


  1. oh no! what a shame that it was so bad - you look adorable though!

  2. well done on the shorts! I think its cool that you got them from a skirt pattern