October 18, 2010

"the wedding dress"..... or perhaps "the dress I wear to others weddings"

This is my "other people's wedding, dress"....if that makes sense. I made it for a wedding in 2009 and recently wore it to a Brazilian/German wedding in Blankanese, Hamburg. It was a beautiful wedding where many languages, namely Portuguese, German and English could be heard through out the night. 

When developing garments, fabrics may dictate what I create or the pattern may be the primary source of inspiration. In this case it was the fabric. I saw it at a fabric store and instantly knew that I needed to create a dress! I decided to utilise the symmetrical pattern within the bodice and then use the floral pattern for the skirt section. The bodice is from the burdastyle pattern, heidi dress variation. I then folded the skirt section on the bodice. 

I am really happy with how this dress turned out. I even like the lining that I used. I don't think you can quite see the colour of the lining, but it is a light olive green and it works perfectly with the brown's and creme's. 

Photos: Michael Dooney 


  1. Love this dress! You wore it with my Siren shoes (aka "boat shoes") when you went to the wedding in Australia. I remember when you had just bought the fabric and showed me ... lets just say I was "iffy" about the colours and print. Then you whipped this beautiful dress up!!! Its very flattering, one of my favourites.

  2. Beautiful fabric and beautiful dress!

  3. oooh! I just found your blog via burdastyle & love everything I've looked at so far! this dress is really truly beautiful. the geometric/floral combination on the fabric is quite amazing- easy to see why you snapped it up so quickly!