November 06, 2010

only affordable pieces allowed...

I don't like to post too many "I could never afford this in a million years" items.... because I'm sure we could ALL find a pair of $600 shoes that we want and can never have. I think the real challenge is scouring the Internet or local stores for affordable pieces that can add interest to your wardrobe and that compliment your own individual style. Or if you are as talented, ambitious and as patient as mahaila, you will just make it yourself... for those of you who are not quite that creative, these are some more affordable pieces that I would buy if I didn't just put myself on a spending diet....................

I'm loving these two pieces from the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection.............. so much so, I would wear them together in a heart beat. 

And hey, why not add these bad-ass JC Wrecker platform boots... looks like the Lita has turned hard-core...

And top it off with a filthy ring............ you can thank One Teaspoon for this one.

I would definitely pair all these things with a basic tee. I recently received some shiny new basics on my doorstep thanks to a recent Topshop splurge. I am IN LOVE with these tops. They are super soft and have a great fit....... I only bought one colour and I want more........

You will probably want some, uh, bottoms too...... Supre has a pretty extensive collection of maxi skirts at the moment... if you ignore the fact that the styling on the site is quite terrible, you can imagine these pretty things fitting quite nicely into your wardrobe (the sheer black one pictured below comes in about a zillion different colours including khaki). Why not tuck your tee into this one?


  1. The skirt is so nice, I love that it's transparent!

  2. Wow, I love the shirts so much.
    kisses from my newborn blog

  3. It's true, all those pieces wich are too expensive are something like a fairytale, I rather to find cheap things wich makes me feel ok with my mind and my budget.
    And the vintage clothe is my new BFF! :)

    Nice blog, Im loving the skirt ;)

    See you!

  4. the chiffon maxi's are nice. that reminds me.... it's now on my to do list.

  5. love the shoes! :-)

  6. Oooh the revamped Lita is so cool! And i love the Topshop bra as well.


  7. Ohhhh! LOVE everything. that ring is hilarious. i've been on the search for a sheer black maxi, but can't find one the perfect amount of sheer.
    cool blog.