August 29, 2010

Short Sleeve Kimono for the Beer fest

Yummy BEER! The other weekend we went to the Berlin Beer festival. 2 km of beer stalls. We tried MANY beers, but still my favourite is the beer hailing from Munich, Paulaner Hefe Weisse. I do love Hefe Weisse!

I was rushing to finish the shorts in time for the festival... but made it just in time. The shorts are just basic high waisted shorts. This is my second try at making these type of shorts. I think they turned out OK. 

The top is a basic short sleeved kimono. Whilst making it I decided to have the opening at the back. I like garments with interesting backs so I played around with it a little and decided to go with a lowered back. The Brooch. I found a little stall in the town Wismar, Germany at their Christmas markets. They sell little wooden ornaments. So I bought a few of them and made brooches out of them. 

FABRIC: both from the Turkish markets. Buttons: I have had these blue buttons for AGES ... if you can remember when Lincraft was still alive and pumping. I used to go into Perth city and just pop in for a 'look' at the fabric and such, of course I would come out with something.


  1. This is really nice! I love that material and the kimono style looks very nice on you. Again, Michaels photography is awesome.

    I remember Lincraft. Mum used to take me there to buy iron-ons to "jazz" up my jeans.

  2. Love the shorts and top! So cute. The blue buttons look gorgeous against the pinky red material... Oh my gosh.. good old Lincraft, I miss that store in the city!