August 17, 2010

Perth City

(Jacket: Topshop. Shorts: Junk. Tank: Came free in a magazine. Boots: ShoeBox. Bag: Guess. Silver bracelet: Gift from mum. Leather collar and stud bracelet: Oroton)

Went into the city the other day. The boy and I drank coffee, had lunch and wandered around taking photos. As day turned to night, we polished off a bottle of red and enjoyed the view at King's Park. In case you are wondering, that bowl of food tastes as good as it looks. Its from a restaurant that our friends own called Phi Yen. If you go, I would suggest you order number 17. Winner. 

Army inspired clothing is taking over my wardrobe. No shit, there is khaki everywhere. I got this bag as a gift from my girlfriends and it never leaves my shoulder. As I'm not really not at all a bag girl, this will most likely be slung over my shoulder in all posts. It fits everything in it (right now it has my external hard drive, a six-inch roll that I didn't have time to eat at work, a box of almonds ... and god knows what else) and its a neutral colour so it goes with everything... or so I tell myself.


  1. wanna borrow my pack? army it up? nice out fit. man, I miss perf......

  2. I wore your army hat with one of my outfits the other day.... do you think I'm kidding?

  3. just as long as you don't wear the forehead sunnies......