August 17, 2010

Only in Berlin: Miss U-Bahn 2010

Much like many cities all over the world, the transport systems  play an integral role in the fabric of the city... including fashion...... In true Berlin style the very first 'Miss U Bahn' beauty pageant was held at Spreewald platz last Saturday. Luckily the rain held off for the 8 contestants.

The lady responsible for such an event was miss mirabelle jones

Great concept.

The judges waiting for the arrival of the contestants.

Miss Potsdamer Platz was the WINNER of the contest. She had style and was brave enough to sing to the entire crowd. She also kept with the theme of the station: 1920's inspired. Though it was interesting to watch her in between the parading... she was often rolling cigarettes.... in true 'I live in Germany style'.

Miss Schlesisches Tor was runner up. She had attitude AND was a bloody good dancer. Cart wheels, James Brown splits? and she did SO well with the heels on the coble stones.

Miss Rosenthaler Platz (aka the ghost station) kept with the theme! She rocked the performance art and had the ghostly attitude to match it. She was definitely a fav.
My favourite... Miss Mehringdamm. She had class, hilarity and trash. Everything anyone wants from a beauty contestant.  Before the contest she was standing with her mates drinking a bottle of bubbley.... from the bottle. Swim suit with a cigarette in her hand. Talent.... large bottom rapper girl. Evening wear, nice simple evening gown. What more could you want.

Miss Alexander Platz.... photographed here... Absolute Alexander platz.... yes I have probably seen a few people at Alexander with Absinthe in their hands.

In true class Miss Warschauerstrasse graced the stage. Smashed beer glasses, cigarettes, sticky tape dress.... and what can I say... as you can see all class.

Miss Kottbusser.... only found out that she was a contestant a few minutes before the start. She did VERY well.... AND she could not speak English... so she did VERY VERY well. nice work!

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