August 30, 2010

Ready or not., here they come..... CHALLENGES from a distance

Our first challenge involves my favourite sewing mag, both Deutsche Post & Australia Post and of course both of our creative juices.

 CUT magazine is an awesome mag which focuses on sewing and designers. Encompassed within it's pages are a number of patterns. One of these patterns was constructed by mahaila x 2. One remained in Berlin the other ended up in Perth. Both were to construct outfits around the one garment.

Our images will be posted very soon!


  1. That's cool! Can this magazine be purchased in Australia? x

  2. Hi Amanda,

    You'd be very lucky to find it at your local newsagency in Australia, perhaps at the airport? However it's quite a specific magazine (in German) so it may only be possible to order it online.

    Their website has a list of online ordering places which stock the magazine:

    They also have the option to order it direct from the source:

    It's a really good magazine, the patterns are easy to follow even with my limited German knowledge. Thankfully my German sewing vocabulary is better for it!