August 10, 2010

scarlet and lace

(Dress and Blazer: Topshop. Socks: Sportsgirl. Clogs: Sam Edelman. Rings: Noir Jewelry and gift from mum. Lipstick: Versace)

Wore this to head out to The Generous Squire in Perth... great pub. All James Squire beer on tap. As I'm not a beer drinker, I don't really care. I just like the atmosphere of the place. 
I love the colour of this lipstick. Trust me, it is very unlike me to own a Versace lipstick.. my red lipstick before this was a shitty Rimmel one that I paid $7 for. So you can imagine my surprise when my friend whipped this baby out of her handbag and announced "I have a present for you!". She handed me a pretty gold tube and told me it reminded her of me. Needless to say it was on my lips at the first opportunity. 


  1. love the colours... and of course the lace!a really nice romantic feel.

  2. the middle picture is just stunning. i love your blog too xx