August 22, 2010

Another simple draped dress

This is another very simple dress, made it by draping it on my new dressmaking doll. I bought the fabric at the Turkish markets (which is where most of my fabric is from as I can't afford to buy it from most fabric stores in Berlin....sewing is expensive here compared to Aus, can't wait to sew with second hand fabrics back home). It is a knit jersey fabric. The earrings are my mum's, guessing they are from the 80's. The sunnies are supposedly vintage (well that is what the guy said) and were purchased at Boxhagener markets for a bargain price. The key is to look really interested, then start walking.... 

We often ride our bikes through the centre of town and on this day we walked along the Spree near to one of our favourite spaces the direktorhaus.  Michael has attended drawing classes there and we also heard Iain McGilchrist talk about his book The Master and His Emissary. Interesting stuff, if only I had the time to read it. That's the sewing addiction for you!


  1. I love that you used striped material because it looks awsome when draped. And the back is really nice. very simple.

    p.s. I found these earing in mum's old jewellery box and you took them!

    when you come back to Australia im taking them back... and Im taking the dress.

  2. This fits you beautifully! love love stripes!

  3. i love ur stripes summer dress
    btw i am following you, please follow me back

  4. Nice dress!