August 27, 2010

On the Bright Side

(Top: Topshop. Jeans: Supre DIY bleached and ripped. Feather earings: Sportsgirl. Boots: ShoeBox. Bag: random one of mahaila's, DIY studded)

I went to On the Bright Side with Shawn and a few mates some weeks ago. I'm not used to this kind of music but I really enjoyed the day. Angus and Julia Stone were my favourite act. Listen to the song I've attached and you will see why. I love Julia's long red skirt and she had a cute little plait in her hair. 

The photos of me were taken in Robert's backyard. The couches outside remind me of this post from The Sartorialist. I could try and give a practical reason for why Australians use couches for outside decor: 1) Our heat is very dry which means the couches don't go mouldy?? 2) Students can't afford outdoor furniture so we just do what we can by taking from verge-side pick-ups?? All I know is that when we got back from On the Bright Side, there was a party going on with amazing tunes, a few too many drinks, people sprawled out on comfortable couches and a mean bonfire fueled with the wood of broken furniture. 

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  1. good outcomes for the DIY projects. jeans and bag! Like the boots too!