August 13, 2010

truffle festival

(Maxi skirt (worn as dress): Asos. Shoes and jacket: Topshop. Scarf: Kirrily Johnston. Bag: Jim Thompson in Thailand)

The boy and I went to the Truffle Festival in Mundaring. We watched people pay hundreds of dollars for little black fungi. After forcing our way through the very packed festival and paying $2 for a piece of bread with truffle butter, we legged it to the beautiful Mundaring Weir. We bought a gourmet pizza from my favourite pizza place (chicken, pumpkin, cinnamon and balsamic glaze) and chilled out on a rock. When I was a little girl, this Weir was so full of water that it used to overflow... not anymore. 


  1. Beautiful photos.
    Omg that pizza looks delish!

  2. these photos are GORGEOUS! the lighting and the water are amazing. plus I love the detailing on the back of your jacket

  3. lovely detailing on the back of your jacket - and that pizza looks delish x