February 27, 2011

The Lodge Kitchen

"You look like a milk maid". This was my Gran's comment when I wore this dress during our shoot in the lodge. Perhaps it was a consequence of combining a plait with white and light blue material and a hem which reaches the floor. What ever the reason... I agree with you Gran, it is definitely not my favourite dress, but I suppose that this is what happens when you are on the dress making learning curve. The dress making process can be challenging, tiring and frustrating, and at times involves a garment rarely seeing the light of day. Unfortunately this dress falls into that category. For this reason I have decided to take part in  Me-Made-March-2011 which is being hosted by the very talented Zoe 'So, Zo... What do you know?'. The idea behind Me-Made-March is that those who make their own clothes need to be proud and wear their handmade items, rather then leaving them to collect dust at the back of the draw. I have left a lot of my clothes back in Aus, so I have to get cracking to ensure that I have enough handmade items to wear for the month. I will keep you updated with my progress.     

THE DRESS: I made this dress whist living in Geraldton and wore it to one of the Geraldton race days. It was a fun day full of horses, sun and booze. We had ventured to Kalgoorlie for the races a few years previously and I must say that Gero was a little more relaxed. Not so many people and not such an emphasis on the dress code. Many rocked up to Gero in their double pluggers and singo's, though most of the females made some sort of an effort. This was one of the only times that I wore this dress.
The dress was made on my dressmaking doll. It is a very simple dress as the tucks shape the bodice. You may have noticed that I am a fan of the honeycomb type tucking method and it is particularly nice using striped fabric (no need to measure the intervals for tucking! just follow the striped pattern). Initially I intended the dress to be at knee length, but decided to leave it long. I experimented with the fall by adding some honeycombing tucking close to the hem. 

Unfortunately this dress wont be featured in my Me-Made-March-2011 contribution, as it now home on the other side of the world. However I am busy creating new garments ready for March, perhaps some featuring tucking! 

PHOTOS: Michael Dooney

February 24, 2011

The Lodge........Bathroom

(Top: Sportsgirl. Blazer: Cue. Faux leather shorts: Mink Pink. Shoes: Sam Edelman. Rings: Fashionology and eBay)

These shots are taken at the same place as the photos posted below.... the lodge at our Gran's retirement village. So again, these were taken a while ago when mahaila was still in Australia and I had long hair. This is the sweet little bathroom in the lodge. 

I'm pretty addicted to these shoes. The removable arrow head harness and cleated soles make for something quite special. The blazer is another favourite in my wardrobe and was a sort-of present for my 21st. A friend gave me an $80 gift voucher for Cue and this blazer was 70% off........ on top of that I still had to put $110 towards it. So yes, its one expensive blazer and I would never be able to afford it normally. But with the cute little folded bit at the back (I have no idea what its called...... mahaila????), the maroon colour, beautifully tailored cut, and it's ability to artfully clash with white leopard print, I couldn't leave it in the store. On top of that, it was the last one and in my size.... destiny?

Kaye xx

February 21, 2011

The Lodge

(Beaded top: Asos. Lace top (worn underneath): Ping Pong. Leather pants: Selected Femme. Shoes: Liptik. Rings: Fashionology. Lipstick: Topshop makeup in "Vamp") 

These photos were obviously taken a while ago.... when mahaila was still in Australia and my hair was long. Michael uses film rather than his digital camera when he photographs, and sometimes it can take a while to get the photos developed, scanned and ready to go... hence the delay in our posting these shots!

Mahaila and I have been looking forward to shooting at the lodge in our Gran's retirement village. I dont really know much of the history of this place, but all I know is that a rich family used to own it. This room is the most decadent of them all, complete with a fireplace and chandelier. There is even a giant rope dangling from the ceiling connected to a bell which was used to ring for the butler. Mahaila and I both took photos in different areas of the lodge, so watch this space to see the other insane rooms of this wonderfully historic mansion.

You have seen these pants posted here before. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down so that I can  wear them more often. On top, I've layered two tops. I didn't know which one I liked better with the pants, so I just wore both.

Dress: I bought this second hand dress a while ago from Mum's on Beaufort street in Mount Lawley. And I feel sad when I look at this dress, because after trying to revisit the store on my trip back to Aus I discovered that it is no longer there  Boo hoo.....)

Thanks to Gran for letting us have some time in the lodge for the photo taking. We do take a long time, so I do apologise. As Kaye stated our photo taking process can be fairly lengthy. All of the photos that Michael takes are with a Yaschica medium format camera. We have only 12 frames for each roll of film, so we can take a while composing the shots. And for every shoot we only take 6 frames. Then after we have exposed the film we take them to be developed. Michael then scans the films, cleans them up, they are ready to go. 
I did not realise that it was a lengthy process until we came home to take photos of Kaye. I think she was a little surprised about how long it does takes + a lot of labs closed over Christmas so we had to wait weeks for them to be developed. But I suppose that we enjoy it and I think that generally we take better photos with film as opposed to digital. So I suppose that you can say that we are more of the film type. 

The trip back home was nice and it was heaps of fun taking photos with Kaye and Michael. It was especially fun visiting places which evoke lovely childhood memories. E.g. The lodge. The sound of the hideously untuned piano in the dark/dank hall, the butlers bell swinging from the ceiling, the beautifully ornate bathrooms, playing pool & darts with my siblings & cousins and celebrating Gran's birthday. 

mmmmm I love childhood memories.............. it makes me smile 

Perth fashion blogger meet up


Yesterday was the first Perth fashion blogger meet up. It felt quite surreal to put faces to blogs and to see everyone in 3D. The first thing I did when I got home was email mahaila to tell her all about the amazing experience. It felt really great to be around girls that aren't afraid to whip out the trusty DSLR and snap away. As you can see, we didn't hold back :)

A HUGE thanks to Jacqui and and Jessie for organising the event. Can't wait for the next one!

Kaye xx

February 19, 2011

The story of the mahaila knitted shorts: a labour of love..... and tears

After months of knitting, unravelling, constructing, elation and tears I have completed the mahaila designed shorts. They are now on a journey, travelling from Berlin to Perth. Kaye, consider Challenge number 3 complete!

Making these shorts was a complete challenge for me. OK so I can knit, but to design the garment was quite tricky for the amateur knitter. I ended up making 3 pairs of shorts (2 were unravelled) 

In late June, Kaye suggested that I knit some shorts for a challenge. Starry eyed mahaila accepted the challenge with enthusiasm.
In July 2010 I went to my favourite yarn store in Berlin, Loops. I bought a few balls of GGH Java black yarn and was very excited to start the challenge. I struggled to find a pattern, but eventually found a 'rainbow shorts pattern'.  

 After completing 1/4 of the rainbow shorts, I came to the conclusion that perhaps they weren't going to work out as well as I had wanted. So I searched and found another pattern by the knit designer Craig Hunter, Gam shorts. 

After realising that I needed more yarn, I discovered that the GGH Java yarn had been discontinued. So I searched a number of stores in Berlin with little luck. At this point I was desperate to find the right yarn. Luckily a lady at loops searched and searched for black Java yarn, where she found the last 3 balls. YAY!
As you can see from the photo above, I had nearly completed these shorts when I came to the conclusion that perhaps these shorts were too big. The shorts had taken me weeks to make and I learnt the hard way that you have to keep trying the shorts on every so often. But I did learn a lot with this pattern. E.g. shortening rows and working in the round. With much regret, I unravelled these shorts.   

I then searched and found the studio shorts pattern on ravelry by Elisha Laubacher. After reading articles by knit designers I decided to have a go at making something based on the pattern I wanted, to ensure that it would work. So I ended up making a coral neck brace thing (which you will be able to see in a later post).I then utilised the studio shorts stitch count when creating the ribbing at the bottom of the legs. I added 10 stitches on each leg and started on my cabling/moss pattern. I was concerned that they would not fit because I did not know how the cabling would effort the fit of the shorts. I frequently placed the stitches on salvage wool, so that I could try them on. Luckily everything seemed to go along smoothly. 
 In January 2011, the shorts were completed in Berlin! YAY!. 
Today I they were sent via registered post to Kaye in Perth. Fingers crossed they get there!

Wrapped up and ready to go

PLEASE get there in one piece mahaila shorts!

I definitely had a love hate relationship with these shorts. I feel that I have learnt a lot from them and I am currently working on a 1930's knitted swim suit. Fingers crossed these will work out as well as the shorts!

Watch this space: Soon we will both be posting our photos with the shorts.

February 18, 2011

Recent purchases / Perth blogger meet up





These are some recent purchases from this eBay seller. I have made it a rule for myself to only buy sterling silver rings. I hate it when rings leave that green shit on your fingers and they become pink-coloured and tarnished. This seller has very affordable sterling silver pieces. Win!

On another note, the Perth fashion blogger meet up is this Sunday! Unfortunately mahaila won't be able to come with me (obviously), so I'm a one man band! Im really excited to meet other Perth fashion bloggers. Will I be seeing you there? :)

Kaye xx

February 16, 2011

coral blouse reconstruction in Cowaramup

Cowaramup..... well, it's certainly in contention for the most Aussie sounding town.  This little town is smack bang in the middle of one of the most famous wine regions in the world.... Margaret River. It is a typical small Australian town. The people are lovely, there is local produce to try, it's quiet and it has a relaxed feeling. So it was two thumbs up for Cowaramup. Having travelled around a bit over the past few years I have noticed that we have subconsciously developed a travel rating system. There are certain attributes which a town must possess to achieve success on this very credible and reliable scale (hee hee).

1. The people (the people MUST be friendly and helpful)
2. The Atmosphere (there is something about this city or town which makes you want to stay and explore it further)
3. The Attractions (e.g. history, art/music scene, natural wonders, vast exploration possibilities) 
4. Interesting, inspiring

The last point. Bakery's??? I did not realise how much we scope out backery's in towns and cities until this last trip down south. So Cowaramup's bakery makes it on our 'bakery's which you need to stop for'  list. The Cowaramup bakery is only new, but those gourmet pies.... AMAZING. Michael had a Morrocan pie which was fantastic and I felt that I needed to Aussie it up with a tuna mornay pie. Yum Yum Yum! There is also an option for those non meat eaters with a roasted vege pie. So all in all it was a top day! and I got my photo taken in front of the CWA (Country Women's Association) house. My brother bought me the CWA recipe book a few years ago for Christmas. I use it all the time! Mum and Grandma still make use of their CWA books too! It sure is a winner.

Whilst in Aus I was working a lot with pre loved fabrics, particularly curtains and sheets. I have found it more challenging to find nice affordable materials in Europe and there are not half as many curtains in the second hand stores (perhaps it has something to do with the climate???). So after scouring through a number of different stores I found a few affordable items including this coral blouse with cut out embroidered detailing.
I was hoping to to have a large flounce at the waist, but I did not have enough fabric so it turned out much smaller. The bias at the waist is from the new high end fabric store in Berlin Stoffe Meyer (previously blogged here). I love this store, the designs and quality of the fabric is second to none,  but admittedly it is a 'look but don't touch store', hence my bias purchase. 
And once again I made a simple circle skirt to go with the blouse. I do love the fall of the old circle skirt.