February 24, 2011

The Lodge........Bathroom

(Top: Sportsgirl. Blazer: Cue. Faux leather shorts: Mink Pink. Shoes: Sam Edelman. Rings: Fashionology and eBay)

These shots are taken at the same place as the photos posted below.... the lodge at our Gran's retirement village. So again, these were taken a while ago when mahaila was still in Australia and I had long hair. This is the sweet little bathroom in the lodge. 

I'm pretty addicted to these shoes. The removable arrow head harness and cleated soles make for something quite special. The blazer is another favourite in my wardrobe and was a sort-of present for my 21st. A friend gave me an $80 gift voucher for Cue and this blazer was 70% off........ on top of that I still had to put $110 towards it. So yes, its one expensive blazer and I would never be able to afford it normally. But with the cute little folded bit at the back (I have no idea what its called...... mahaila????), the maroon colour, beautifully tailored cut, and it's ability to artfully clash with white leopard print, I couldn't leave it in the store. On top of that, it was the last one and in my size.... destiny?

Kaye xx


  1. These photos are amazing, the lodge is so beautiful!


  2. Stunning hun. really great shots xx

  3. Amazing pics honey! you look sooo cool. love it! : ) xxx

  4. amazing shoes much?

    http://opinionslave.blogspot.com x

  5. excellent hair, photography, blog. keep it up, much luv.

  6. fabulous photos! the bathroom is amazing...as are those shoes! :)


  7. wow, what an amazing room. you look beautiful too, love the shoes!

  8. Wow amazing pictures, and you look stunning dear!
    x funkydoris.blogspot.com

  9. Stunning shots Kaye!! Totally reminds me of this one bathroom shoot I did for Distrikmode back in 09... >> http://distrikmode.blogspot.com/2009/11/good-good-night.html << ...but I was behind the lens instead of the front, while my then co-blogger modeled ;)

    :: Farrah @ DISTRIKMODE ::