February 16, 2011

coral blouse reconstruction in Cowaramup

Cowaramup..... well, it's certainly in contention for the most Aussie sounding town.  This little town is smack bang in the middle of one of the most famous wine regions in the world.... Margaret River. It is a typical small Australian town. The people are lovely, there is local produce to try, it's quiet and it has a relaxed feeling. So it was two thumbs up for Cowaramup. Having travelled around a bit over the past few years I have noticed that we have subconsciously developed a travel rating system. There are certain attributes which a town must possess to achieve success on this very credible and reliable scale (hee hee).

1. The people (the people MUST be friendly and helpful)
2. The Atmosphere (there is something about this city or town which makes you want to stay and explore it further)
3. The Attractions (e.g. history, art/music scene, natural wonders, vast exploration possibilities) 
4. Interesting, inspiring

The last point. Bakery's??? I did not realise how much we scope out backery's in towns and cities until this last trip down south. So Cowaramup's bakery makes it on our 'bakery's which you need to stop for'  list. The Cowaramup bakery is only new, but those gourmet pies.... AMAZING. Michael had a Morrocan pie which was fantastic and I felt that I needed to Aussie it up with a tuna mornay pie. Yum Yum Yum! There is also an option for those non meat eaters with a roasted vege pie. So all in all it was a top day! and I got my photo taken in front of the CWA (Country Women's Association) house. My brother bought me the CWA recipe book a few years ago for Christmas. I use it all the time! Mum and Grandma still make use of their CWA books too! It sure is a winner.

Whilst in Aus I was working a lot with pre loved fabrics, particularly curtains and sheets. I have found it more challenging to find nice affordable materials in Europe and there are not half as many curtains in the second hand stores (perhaps it has something to do with the climate???). So after scouring through a number of different stores I found a few affordable items including this coral blouse with cut out embroidered detailing.
I was hoping to to have a large flounce at the waist, but I did not have enough fabric so it turned out much smaller. The bias at the waist is from the new high end fabric store in Berlin Stoffe Meyer (previously blogged here). I love this store, the designs and quality of the fabric is second to none,  but admittedly it is a 'look but don't touch store', hence my bias purchase. 
And once again I made a simple circle skirt to go with the blouse. I do love the fall of the old circle skirt.


  1. This shirt is beautiful!! Such a 50s silhouette :)
    Also, i love allll the bakeries down south, so you're not the only one who scouts them out, don't worry!
    xx S

  2. Your blouse looks great! I love that you added a different fabric to the waist instead of belting it - very unique!

  3. Looking good and with such a great back drop, Cowaramup. Thanks for sharing you love of your trip and naturally your blouse. Hope you come back for another fashion shoot and I am sure the Bakery will welcome you back again.
    Thank you, till next time?