February 21, 2011

The Lodge

(Beaded top: Asos. Lace top (worn underneath): Ping Pong. Leather pants: Selected Femme. Shoes: Liptik. Rings: Fashionology. Lipstick: Topshop makeup in "Vamp") 

These photos were obviously taken a while ago.... when mahaila was still in Australia and my hair was long. Michael uses film rather than his digital camera when he photographs, and sometimes it can take a while to get the photos developed, scanned and ready to go... hence the delay in our posting these shots!

Mahaila and I have been looking forward to shooting at the lodge in our Gran's retirement village. I dont really know much of the history of this place, but all I know is that a rich family used to own it. This room is the most decadent of them all, complete with a fireplace and chandelier. There is even a giant rope dangling from the ceiling connected to a bell which was used to ring for the butler. Mahaila and I both took photos in different areas of the lodge, so watch this space to see the other insane rooms of this wonderfully historic mansion.

You have seen these pants posted here before. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down so that I can  wear them more often. On top, I've layered two tops. I didn't know which one I liked better with the pants, so I just wore both.

Dress: I bought this second hand dress a while ago from Mum's on Beaufort street in Mount Lawley. And I feel sad when I look at this dress, because after trying to revisit the store on my trip back to Aus I discovered that it is no longer there  Boo hoo.....)

Thanks to Gran for letting us have some time in the lodge for the photo taking. We do take a long time, so I do apologise. As Kaye stated our photo taking process can be fairly lengthy. All of the photos that Michael takes are with a Yaschica medium format camera. We have only 12 frames for each roll of film, so we can take a while composing the shots. And for every shoot we only take 6 frames. Then after we have exposed the film we take them to be developed. Michael then scans the films, cleans them up, they are ready to go. 
I did not realise that it was a lengthy process until we came home to take photos of Kaye. I think she was a little surprised about how long it does takes + a lot of labs closed over Christmas so we had to wait weeks for them to be developed. But I suppose that we enjoy it and I think that generally we take better photos with film as opposed to digital. So I suppose that you can say that we are more of the film type. 

The trip back home was nice and it was heaps of fun taking photos with Kaye and Michael. It was especially fun visiting places which evoke lovely childhood memories. E.g. The lodge. The sound of the hideously untuned piano in the dark/dank hall, the butlers bell swinging from the ceiling, the beautifully ornate bathrooms, playing pool & darts with my siblings & cousins and celebrating Gran's birthday. 

mmmmm I love childhood memories.............. it makes me smile 


  1. You sexy woman! Leather pants and high heels! ;)

  2. beautiful pics girls! I love Kaye's pants and shoes combo, but I'd like Mihaila's dress in my wardrobe too:)

  3. these photos are just beautiful, and wow, what an amazing location. can't wait to see more :)

  4. How exciting is it to shoot of a roll of 35mm film and see what turns out weeks or months later?! Or better still playing around with exposures in the dark room. I miss that. It's similar to how much better hand written letters posted are more exciting than an email. Love your blog, sad I hadn't discovered it before. Following you now, would love for you to follow me too.
    Love Jenelle.


  5. I can't begin to express how much I love your blog! Great posts and photos. And the overall layout is fantastic! Following you!


    PS: Come enter into my CAGE ARMOR RING GIVEAWAY! If you like Pamela Love, then you might fancy this little finger trinket I have in store.


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