February 07, 2011

south west beaches: from eagle to injidup

Eagle Bay


Canal Rocks

Smiths Beach

Injidup beach

A year in Europe involves a cold winter, a flowery spring, an exciting summer and a colourful autumn - but the one season which I truly missed was the Aussie summer. The beaches, the sun, the festivals, the people, the beer in the sun (I was craving that one for a while) and just the overall laid back existence. We decided to take advantage of these balmy summer days on a trip down south where we swam in the crystal blue waters, tasted the many local Margaret River wines, explored the many caves and had a wonderfully relaxing time. We visited a number of beaches including..................

Bunker Bay: is a beautiful beach and the view is pretty amazing, though beware of the flies on the walk down
Eagle Bay: A nice quiet beach, not as well known as some of the others.
Meelup Beach: this beach has a nice grassed area for picnics and some rocks for exploring.
Smiths Beach: For years, the people of Western Australia protested against the developments on Smiths beach. Unfortunately the luxury apartments which overlook this beautiful beach indicate how these protests eventuated. But it is still a wonderful beach
Canal Rocks: It has a nice pedestrian bridge which leads out onto the rocks. It is fun to climb over the rocks and explore.
Injidup Beach: I don't remember ever visiting this beach before. Perhaps it is because access to the beach is a little more difficult compared to the others. The sand was thicker and there was no one else on the beach. Definitely worth a visit. 

The skirt: I made this skirt a while ago out of a sheet and some curtaining. After making my Gran's curtains I used the off cuts for the waist band. There is some lace near to the hem of the skirt which is actually the part of curtaining which houses the hooks (I don't know what it is called). The button is an antique button which was purchased from an antique show at the Claremont show grounds. I love looking through antique buttons (I have more to show in later posts). It is a simple gathered skirt, but I love that it is constructed from many different collected elements... home decor elements.

Photos: Michael Dooney


  1. I'm jealous of how much beach time you've had this summer! I need to get amongst it before it's all over.