January 13, 2012

Creative Friday: Snou

A few weeks ago we met up with the jewellery designer, Lucia from Snou*. Going to her studio was really nice. She is so energetic and enthusiastic and it is reflected through her unique creations. Thanks to Lucia for spending the time to show us around her studio. Make sure you check her designs out!

Lucia from Snou*                             Photo: Michael Dooney

Where are you from?
I was born in Puerto Rico and lived there for 27 years.

What is your art/craft and where can we find it?
I design and make snou* a line of contemporary jewelry, available online at www.snou.biz and through various stores and galleries such as Or-est in Berlin-Prenzlauerberg, Promobo in Berlin- Mitte and others.

What are the positives in buying handmade items?
I can only see positive sides to buying handmade. First of all today there is a huge movement of creative people offering all sorts of handmade, unique, high-quality items. By buying their products you do not only support them, you support alternative microeconomies. Plus when you buy original pieces directly from the maker you get the best personal service from the people who make these things with their hands, minds and hearts.
Where do you find inspiration?
For me life and work are so much entwined together, life brings all sorts of sources for inspiration if you keep your eyes open. Nature, music, travels, experiences, art are some of the sources I can identify.

What motivates you to create?
Every jump from idea to reality involves some degree of experimentation, when I surprise myself with an outstanding result, this becomes motivation for the next experiment.

What encouraging words/advice would you give to someone who is interested in sparking their creativity?
The path of creativity is a very hard one, but bringing forth something new and special out of the dark reaches of the mind where ideas generate and seeing it become real and surpass your own expectations is among the most rewarding experiences of life. 

Snou* shop
Snou* blog


  1. great read and inspiration! thanks for sharing!


  2. Loving those handmade accessories!

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  3. I must check out her stuff :)