January 08, 2012

Berlin Half Marathon all the way I say!

Firstly, apologies for my recent sporadic (or rather lack of) posts. Yes I WAS off to a poor start to the year..... but I decided to turn it all around. I am ssssoooooo looking forward to 2012. It WILL be a year full of energy, enthusiasm, hard work, love and creativity (oh and of course sewing!) .... and what better way to kick this all off other then to sign up for the Berlin half marathon. Thats right! Michael and I have started a 3 month training schedule which will hopefully prepare us for the 21.0975 km run on the 1st of April. 

Bonds chesty top
BUT there is one problem! I am completely guilty of wearing THE daggiest (for our non Aussie readers, here is how the "Australian National dictionary" defines the term dag: Dag : A ‘character’, someone eccentric but entertainingly so) THE oldest and THE most unattractive clothes whist exercising. So in an effort to change this I am going to be sewing a few items which I can look forward to wearing on the 1st of April. I have never sewn any athletic type garments before, so it should be a nice little challenge. However I will not promise to stop wearing my old daggy items whilst training.

CUT #4 "Jacke Luca" pattern

At the moment these are the items that I am thinking of making

1. JACKET - The jacket "Jacke Luca" from the CUT mag #4(they have a pattern for adding a hoodie too here)
2. TOP - I love my old Bonds chesty. I don't think they make them any more, so I will be recreating a similar shaped top. 
3. LEGGINGS - I never used to wear leggings, but the weather here in Berlin tends to be a little nippy so I like to wear leggings with shorts. I think that I will draft a pattern for leggings and make a few for the year
4. SHORTS - I am still at a loss as to what shorts to make, perhaps in a similar style to these Nike shorts. I don't know, I have to do a little more research (I love that these one's are Dockers (an Australian football team) coloured). 

So over the next few months I will let you know how we have progressed, regarding both running and sewing! 

Our initial run: 5.6 km in approx 30 minutes. 

P.S. What do you like to exercise in? I am open to suggestions!


  1. love it!!!


  2. I stopped wearing daggy running clothes to keep myself motivated! If i got excited to wear my bright clothes I was more likely to go running. If you make your own stuff, im sure you'll stay motivated to keep up your running regime. I didnt know they didnt sell chesties anymore

  3. I usually wear similar shorts as those and a plain white hanes tee-nothing too fancy!

    love the color of those shorts!!