January 01, 2011

believe it or not....there are actually four seasons in a year!

2010 was a year full of new experiences and opportunities. Family and friends had babies, got engaged, married, bought houses, worked in new jobs....actually it feels like everyone is starting to do some very grown up things. We moved to Berlin and I can certainly say that it was a very colourful year. Nearly everything (good and bad) was new..... including the seasons.... yes there are 4 seasons in the year, it's not a myth (lets not forget that I am a Perthoid, where only 2 seasons occur).

In winter my legs were all the colours of the rainbow (and I am not referring to my obsession with colourful stockings) as I was constantly falling on the icy streets. In Spring the flowers started to bloom EVERYWHERE! and the strawberry huts popped up selling their juicy strawberries. In summer we melted on the S-bahn, attended MANY grills and saw WAY too many naked old men in the parks sun baking. In Autumn the leaves actually changed colour and it was pretty bloody awesome. Everyday riding my bike amongst the autumn leaves was amazing. So we decided to venture to Treptower Park to take some photos amongst the beauty. 

This jacket was one of my lucky finds. I used to go to Op shops regularly in Perth particularly in the Victoria Park area. On this occasion I went to the Salvation Army shop on Albany Hwy and spotted this diamond in the ruff. I got it for a AUD$4.50. Bargain! It has a nice 60's feel as it flares out from the bodice. It is definitely one of my luckiest finds!


  1. This coat is gorgeous. And I love how you paired it with blue stockings. I am a big fan of colorful stockings too !