January 24, 2011

power house

(Dress: Plastic Island. Shoes: Sam Edelman. Headband: Sportsgirl. Rings: Sportsgirl, Fashionology, eBay.)

A very sad event occurred last Saturday night. At 5:30am (so I guess that makes it Sunday morning) a very inebriated girl (her name may start with K and end in E), left her favourite black velvet Sportsgirl turban headband in the back of a taxi after a night out in Fremantle. OK that girl may have been me.

At about 10am on Sunday morning, operation "Find Kaye's Headband" began. I asked everywhere....   
1) If I had dropped it, friends may have picked it up 
2) Someone may have left it on their head after asking to try it on (this headband tends to attract such attention)
3) It may have been left at McDonalds after I had my 4am double quarter pounder meal 
4) It could have been left at the club after I had tried to re-adjust it in the bathroom

No such luck. 

After exhausting all possible locations of its whereabouts, there was only one other option.... the taxi. That bloody taxi driver has my headband. I hope he enjoys it's incredible ability to funk up an outfit as much as I did. 

So alas, these photos are all I have left of my beloved headband.... luckily, thanks to our second challenge on Fickle Sense, I can make a replacement :)

Photographer: Michael Dooney

Kaye xx


  1. love all of these pictures!
    awesome shoes
    <3 http://eccentricdaydream.blogspot.com/

  2. Ohhh thats so sad, I hate losing stuff. I once lost an amazing jacket on a drunken night out.

    On the plus side, your shoes look amazing. :)

  3. lovely pics and look is cool!!!

    Xoxo, B!

  4. these kind of places make amazing scenery for photoshoots and you've totally exploited that, also through with the simplistic look with sharp accents like the headband and shoes!:)


  5. I love the hard and soft of these photographs.

    Kristina J.

  6. I think this is one of our best shoots! Nice one!!! boo hoo about the headband... won't take you long to snap another one up.

  7. love those sam edelman boots, I've been eying them for awhile. x

    p.s. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  8. I feel your pain; ive lost major items of my wardrobe after nights out!
    I love the Power house, my old work looks after it and I used to beg them weekly to make it open to the public!