January 29, 2011

Sass & Beach

(Dress: Sass & Bide. Necklace: The Chains of Love)

I absolutely love this dress. Robert bought it for me a little while ago. The bone print running down the front is beautifully creepy, the thin spaghetti straps are sleek and delicate, the low back is kind of sexy, the lightweight material makes it swoosh around my legs (don't you feel extra special when a dress does that?), and the small train at the back adds a certain sense of drama.  

The only problem is that it's a little difficult to wear because it is very sheer, and with the low back, layering is not an option. Also, I can't wear it during the day because the sun manages to catch it and show my chicken fillets. So I decided to wear it to my 22nd birthday which was at a bar in the city. Needless to say, some dickhead stepped on the train and the back of it ripped. NOOOOOOOOO!

But don't worry, I took it to a seamstress and it is all mended. PHEW!

Kaye xx

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. I love that dress. I hate it when things are 'slightly too sheer to wear without a slip.' Drives me crazy!

  2. oh! gosh! this is delicious! very jealous. these photos are amazing too, you look stunning.

  3. really like that dress, the back is gorgeous!!
    its a shame it got ripped but at least it could be repaired.


  4. beautiful images, really beautiful dress x

  5. wow, really stunning potographs. Love your dress :DD

    I'm following you. Hope you could follow me back :)


  6. Great photos - you look stunning and that Robert guy has amazing taste!

  7. ah! the most breathtaking pics I've seen from you guys so far! the beach the dress the wind, it's all like meant to be that way! I noticed a series of mishappenings (the headband also!) I hope you can get over these small things and enjoy the good parts of what you do, there's plenty!

  8. Jajaja! Hope you're able to fix the rip cause it's such a gorgeous dress. Love the way you've paired it with nothing but the necklace. Great look

  9. I've had a couple of Sass & Bide dresses in the past that have had the same problem where they're a little too sheer but awkward to wear a slip with...very frustrating! Lovely dress all the same, and the necklace too. x