January 27, 2011

Fitting sleeves: The bane of my sewing existence

The dreaded sleeve. Looking through many of my recent garments I came to realise that I was subconsciously (or perhaps consciously) avoiding making a garment with sleeves. A long sleeved garment is perfect for European wintery days, so I decided to tackle my fears head on. I drafted a bell shaped sleeve, a Peter Pan type collar and cuffs. I am fairly pleased with how the dress turned out... though I am still having problems with fitting sleeves. 

Once again we visited the many parks in and around Berlin to take these photos in the snow.  I was very thankful for the long sleeves as it was pretty damn cold. So it looks like I will continue to have a love hate relationship with the dreaded sleeves ....though I will conquer you one day!


  1. this dress is so cute! I love the fabric you chose <3 you are super talented! I think it turned out amazing :)


  2. I love the pictures and the dress is very nice. I can see the problem with the sleeves though. Could you tell which method (book, tutorial etc.) you are using to draft this? Or maybe just show the pattern pieces? I might be able to be of help.
    Just so you know who's making these claims, this is my blog: http://petitmainsauvage.blogspot.com/
    I haven't really tried to explain drafting and fitting at any great length there, but I draft all the patterns myself.

  3. This dress suits you perfectly. I like the collar! Well done conquering your fears.

  4. Beautiful dress!! I love the pattern! xoxooxo