January 06, 2011

Doc Martens: English vs. outsourced

Ohhhh.... I have missed the beaches here in Perth. After going to a friends gathering at Floreat Beach we decided to stop off just north of City Beach to take a few photos of my recently purchased Doc Martens. I have been eyeing these beauties off for a number of years and finally found a good second hand pair. I am really happy with them as they look like new AND they are originals (made in England). I am extra excited about this fact because in 2003 the production of Doc Martens ceased in England due to poor sales. Thailand and China then took over production. 

I have now experienced some of the differences in quality between the Thailand and Chinese out sourced versions compared to the English made one's. The English made soles are more heavy duty and harder to wear through. Michael lives in his Docs and it took years to wear through his English Docs. He purchased a China made version and wore through these quite quickly. Though I did find a down side to such a heavy sole when travelling through Europe. I walked for days in my black England made Docs and after a while my ankles were very sore. I suppose that the sole allowed limited movement and therefore my ankles wore the pain. The leather is also different. I found the UK versions to be thicker and more durable. I find that my Docs are good enough for the snow, though Michael's outsourced versions can definitely not be worn in the snow because of all the holes. I am sure that there are positives and negatives to both types, but I still love the English made versions... mainly for ethical and sentimental reasons. 

I found this blog which gives more information on the positives and negatives of the different versions of Doc Martens 

GARMENTS: These were the second pair of shorts that I made from my pants pattern. The fabric is a navy blue cotton. Good for summer (and winter with tights). The blouse was purchased from Hamburg Kleidermarkt. They have some very nice second hand garments. I just love wearing this blouse in winter, autumn, spring and summer. 

Photography: Michael Dooney   

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