January 31, 2011

lost luggage + reunion with sewing machine = a simple summer skirt

On our way back to Aus from Berlin we were stuck (like many others) in the snow and ended up spending some unwanted time in hotels and airports. Eventually we arrived in Aus.....minus my luggage. Though on a positive note I was reunited with my sewing machine! and my large stash of fabric. YAY! So, whilst I waited and waited and waited for my luggage to arrive I whipped up a simple skirt.

The skirt is made from an old sheet I purchased in an Op shop. I chose yellow! for sunny Australia! The shape of the skirt is formed by making box pleats at the waist, then joining them 10 cm below. I think it is like honeycomb smocking??? I often enjoy making garments like this as it's just about working on my dressmaking doll with a tape measure. I find it quite relaxing. I then attached some lace for the waist band and hemmed the bottom with some decorative stitches (yes I was excited about using my Brother Innov-is 400 sewing machine!).

Whilst in Australia we spent some time in the south west of WA. We were lucky to be travelling past the Busselton jetty just as the sun was setting and decided to take some photos. I have many great memories of this jetty; fishing with my dad, walking up and down the 2km jetty with friends and family, swimming under the jetty, playing cricket on the beach... and the list goes on. I always love visiting different parts of our state... it just makes you feel lucky to be an Australian.      

Photography: Michael Dooney


  1. gorgeous pics! i wanna be on ur place!;D

    xo, Joll

  2. Why don't I remember this jetty?
    Cutest skirt ever, love it.

  3. This skirt is so pretty!! I can't believe you just whipped it up so quickly :)
    xx S

  4. wow i looove the skirt! Wish i could make something like it!


  5. love the colour of your skirt !
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think